Works Raptor

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Works Raptor

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Even among the ruthless corporations of the Directorate, one company in particular has an infamous reputation. That company is Works Raptor, one of the ruling triumvirate of economic hyperpowers that govern the Directorate.

Although the smallest of these powers, it is easily the most frightening. While other corporations, including its rivals in the Directorate, have diverse concerns, Works Raptor’s every product is designed for one purpose and one purpose alone – to kill. It is a weapons manufacturer, a merchant of death, commanding some of the most sophisticated and destructive human-designed technologies in known space.

Works Raptor

Works Raptor was not always so single-minded. Originally a small ship-building concern based in Fathoms Reach, it capitalised on the human exploration of the Outer Reach. Its designs always had a martial edge and as a result it managed to supplant Hawker Industries as a supplier of colony ships for the more dangerous voyages into the hostile regions of the Reach. Works Raptor in fact worked extensively with Rense Corp itself as the Rense family’s astronavigation company mapped out new areas.

It was after the first Outer Reach Secession War that Works Raptor took the first steps on the dark path it was to embrace so wholeheartedly. On that occasion the Renzi separatists of the Terran Commonwealth failed in their bid for independence. But the corporate ‘trade zones’ in the far Reach occupied by the nascent Directorate, including Works Raptor, did manage to buy their freedom from Terra in return for not aiding the revolutionaries during the brief war.

Immediately after they were free from Terran governance, the Directorate powers began selling their products and services to the Outer Reach colonists. Despite their defeat, the separatists’ hunger for freedom was even greater.

This was matched by their hunger for arms to fight the new war they were already planning. Works Raptor, best-placed of all the major corporations to supply these needs, turned over nearly all of its assets to producing instruments of death, growing massively in the process.

By the time the Dindrenzi won their freedom from Terra, Works Raptor was wholly concerned with arms-dealing and manufacture, to the exclusion of everything else. In part, they had been encouraged by many of their corporate rivals in the Directorate, including Hark-Williams and Melcon. Both of these corporations profited through their own purchases of Works Raptor’s wares, as well as ensuring that the company would not be a rival to their operations in other areas.

But Works Raptor did not care, continuing to charge down its chosen path. The company would quite happily sell its deadly wares to almost anyone, no questions asked. In the process, it became a major supplier of countless pirate and corsair bands, as well as organised crime cartels, which plagued trade routes and inhabited systems across known space. However, it always kept its most lethal designs very much to itself.

The company’s actions, particularly when ‘live-testing’, became increasingly brutal and savage. Isolated human colonies on the edge of Dindrenzi space became targets for experimental chemical, biological and energy weaponry. Tens of thousands of unsuspecting frontiers-people suffered agonising deaths; cut down by lethal manufactured diseases and toxins, or as their settlements were consumed by plasma storms from the heavens.

As terrible as their fates were, they paled in comparison to what befell those human and alien planet-dwellers deemed ripe for abduction by Works Raptor’s forces. Although many Directorate powers indulged in this particularly obscene behaviour, Works Raptor’s atrocities dwarfed them all.

Whole populations were snatched en masse from their homes, sealed in the bellies of the corporation’s ships and taken back to specialised facilities in Directorate space. Human, Sorylian, Aquan, Relthoza and others – all were mere raw materials, earmarked for ‘expenditure’ to fuel Works Raptor’s horrific experiments in biological and cybernetic manipulation.

This awful research produced the devastating shock troops of W-R’s terrifying Special Forces, but the failure rate was extreme. Clusters of asteroids became charnel houses, filled with the remains of gene-spliced, semi-mechanical horrors which didn’t ‘make the cut’. Some were dumped alive in further experiments, carving out savage new societies under the eyes of dispassionate W-R researchers.

Works Raptor’s insatiable hunger for new subjects as well as more resources played a key role in provoking the Aquan Sebrutan especially into offensive action against the Directorate and the Dindrenzi. But again the corporation, now under its psychotic Chairman and CEO, the half-man half machine Lorenzo Thurm, cared not.

Gleefully, as its duties to the Zenian League demanded, Works Raptor also made every effort it could to ensure that the coming new war would break out, and that its conduct would be as savage as possible.

Corporate ships, shielded by stealth systems acquired from the Relthoza, perpetrated ‘black ops’ raids against wavering Dindrenzi worlds, inflaming war fever within the Federation to exploding point. Most notable was the biological devastation of Soul’s Rest; Thurm’s attempt to create a ‘new Dramos’ out of one of the most anti-war Dindrenzi worlds, which was subsequently – and successfully – blamed on the Aquans.

When the war finally came, Works Raptor’s ships, with their jagged, daggerlike profiles, were in the vanguard of the Zenian League forces. The Storm Zone is a whole new region of resources ripe for the plundering – especially the choice assets of Works Raptor’s old rival, Hawker Industries.

Works Raptor’s vessels are some of deadliest ships of their size in service, bedecked with devastating weapons systems, from ravening plasma projectors to hull-chewing assault torpedoes. They are also packed with lethal bio-modified and cybernetic shock troops.

Deadlier still, many of the corporation’s fighting ships are protected by advanced stealth technology, meaning that they are virtually impossible to detect before the killing blow falls, especially when striking from ambush – a favoured corporate tactic. Works Raptor’s forces truly are the terror-troops of the Zenian League, inspiring fear and panic wherever they are rumoured to be operating.