Welcome to our Kickstarter

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Welcome to our Kickstarter

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Listening to backers

Spartan Games has chosen to end its Modular Terrain Kickstarter project after feedback from customers and potential backers sent us back to the drawing board. We’ve always been firm fans of listening to customer feedback, and what became clear with our Kickstarter was that different parts of our project appealed in different ways to gamers, with our concept of generic terrain not hitting enough sweet spots.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our backers for supporting us.

So what does this mean now?

Our design team are now busily splitting off various elements of the project and extending them into less ‘generic’ ideas, and making them more ‘vertical’ in their nature. We are still firm believers in the modular idea of the terrain, so we will instead now realise the concept as a series of discrete projects that are more focussed on a genre and scale. Examples of this include our fantastic 10mm scale scenery for Firestorm Planetfall, terrain for Dystopian Wars in 1/1200th scale and our 28mm scale sci-fi terrain for Firestorm Spec Ops.

Look out for more announcements from Spartan Games over the coming months as we take our initial idea and, utilising your superb feedback, make an even better series of products.



A modular wargames terrain system that grows with your needs, accommodates numerous genres and scales and can meet any budget. How does that sound?

Go straight to our Kickstarter project page to find out more about the project and how you can help support us and make it happen!


Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. Project creators set funding goals and a deadline. People can then pledge to make the project happen. If the funding goal is reached, backers are charged and then wait for the project creator to send them their rewards. If the funding goal is not reached, backers are not charged.


We want to create a ‘one size fits all’ solution to wargames terrain. A solution that can grow with your needs (and budgets) and be flexible enough to meet your potentially changing gaming needs. So having set ourselves this lofty goal we went about designing the nirvana of modular terrain systems.

This Kickstarter is to fund the latest innovation by Spartan Games and is:

High quality – as you have come to expect from Spartan Games
Flexible – designed to be built both vertically and horizontally, allowing you to build rooms, corridors, towers and more!
Requires no glue – components fit together using push-fit connectors.
Plastic – start building your terrain with highly-durable plastic components.
Printed card – card inserts to build your doors, floors and walls. Vertical supports make it easy for you to switch the card over, supporting multiple themes. We’ve made Fantasy, Sci-Fi and WWII themes available initially, but more can be unlocked!
Resin, acrylic and more – in addition to printed card, the terrain is designed to support doors, floors and walls made from resin, acrylic and MDF.
Scenic Dressing Kits – add more detail with tables, beds, traps and more…
Easily stored – the system is 100% modular, making it easy to take apart and reconfigure for a new genre or scale.


Support our project by choosing from the exciting pledge options we have put together. You can find a full list of pledges on our project page, but here’s a look at a couple of the introductory pledges.


An example Dungeon Crawler Pack layout with Sci-Fi artwork

An example Dungeon Crawler Pack layout using Sci-Fi artwork


Here's a Fantasy layout of the pieces contained in a Bronze Pack

People love making Dungeons… so here is a sample layout using Fantasy artwork and components found in a Bronze Pack

This layout also uses pieces from the Bronze Pack, but this time more modern bricks and mortar (think WWII) artwork has been selected

This layout also uses pieces from the Bronze Pack, but this time more modern bricks and mortar (think WWII) artwork has been selected

And just look what we can achieve as this project develops

And just look what we can achieve as this project develops


6 reasons to support our project:

Early delivery – if funded, we will be able to sell our terrain through retailers in 2016. By pledging, you will be getting your terrain before anyone else.
Limited availability – many of the pledge offerings and rewards are exclusive to this Kickstarter.
Great discounts – get your terrain at prices below what we expect it to retail at when released next year.
We listen – we value feedback, so get involved and tell us what you think.
Enjoy the journey – get an inside look at the creative process.


Founded in 2008, Spartan Games is still a relatively young company with a small and ambitious design team. In the last few years we’ve brought two unique and imaginative worlds to life with popular games such as Dystopian Wars, Dystopian Legions, Firestorm Armada and Firestorm Planetfall, and this is keeping our core team busy.

We have also launched the exciting Spartan Scenics range of wargaming terrain, and it was during this time we came up with our concept for a truly modular terrain system that was flexible enough to meet the needs of gamers, and also further enhance our existing game systems.

Our team is highly creative and have so many ideas they would like to see come to life, so rather than this innovative idea sliding to the back of our design queue we are looking to funding through Kickstarter to give Spartan Games the opportunity to produce even more of the products our customers ask for at the quality they have come to expect from us.


Want to find out more about our terrain? We’ve put together this handy pdf guide to building our terrain for you to download and ready at your leisure.

We will be regularly updating our Kickstarter project page throughout the duration of the project, so keep checking back as new rewards are unlocked, find out more about the design process and hear interviews with the team.

If you have read our project page and still have questions or feedback you wish to share, the best way to contact us is through Kickstarter. If you would like to contact us before setting up a Kickstarter account, e-mail kickstarter@spartangames.co.uk.

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