Three new DW Modular Battleships Arrive!

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Three new DW Modular Battleships Arrive!

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Three new DW Modular Battleships Arrive!

As we roll out our latest Dystopian Wars modular battleships Spartan Mike has created us a blog that discusses the design ideas behind our cool new models. Read on to find out more about these beasts of the waves…

 antarctica_webCovenant of Antarctica Descartes Class Battleship (DWCA54)

The Covenant entered the Great Conflict, reluctantly, to stymie the swell of destruction and halt the nightmare of a world at war. Years of brutality later, it has become logically evident to the Lord Marshals of Antarctica, that this nightmare has crested the edge of hell and the Old Nations must be brought to heel with a far greater prejudice. As their enemies develop their craft of death, so must the Covenant cultivate its own and has surged with development set to counter these new audacious threats. The Descartes Class hull is designed to deliver powerful and focused devastation to the troublesome foes of Antarctica.

The Mk I Descartes ‘Harrier’ Battleship is the first in this new principle objective. A ruthlessly swift vessel, driven by a powerful advanced engine and gliding on a light wave lurking frame. Crested with a trio of powerful Energy Turrets, the MK I can effortlessly cripple and harass priority alpha vessels with audacious hit-and-run tactics before it dives swiftly below the surface line. The hull sporting the most brutal Sturginium-laced broadsides ever devised and a fore torpedo payload, the Descartes makes short work of enemy vessels across all spectrums of an engagement. The addition of an on-deck Time Flow Generator allows the Battleship to surge itself and its allies swiftly into position, a should its thunderous volley fail to outright annihilate the enemy, crippling its ability to counter-position as their engines are wracked with sloth!



As Antarctican War Ministers suffered increasing frustrations with the protracted battles and grinding engagements that had surged in occurrence as the war prolonged, a solution was debated in the Vault as to how to answer such a bloody conundrum. With complicated rationale left off the table, a less subtle and far more brutal termination was concluded to… Shock and Awe!

The Mk II Descartes ‘Assault’ Battleship brings a powerful Energy Blaster hastily to bare on enemy fleets, searing enemy vessels to ruin in a corona of deadly plasma fire. To further ratchet the finality of this powerful weapon to bare, a long-range Energy Painter Generator was placed at its fore, ensuring that its desolating payload hits heavy.

Yet the true might of the Mk II lies in its elite Robotic Assault Automata. Given enhanced thruster packs and hurled out from rows of assault launcher-tubes, these merciless soldiers can assail an enemy position at distances thought unthinkable. No enemy crew will be safe from their calculated attacks!

The Descartes Class Battleships usher the Covenant of Antarctica into a new era of dominance and prove to the leaders of the Old Nations that they are a military force not to be trifled with…


french_webRépublique of France Gascony Class Battleship (DWRF54)

Having suffered heavy setbacks through the onset of the World War, Armada Command of the République of France charged the Royale Scientist Guild with aiding in reversing its fortunes. A new approach to war was needed. Traditional conventions quickly becoming outpaced as the ambitions of the Great Powers heightened innovations on the battlefield. Looking to not be outdone by the likes of less prodigious, nor sophisticated countries, the Royale Scientists Guild created what they viewed to be a work of perfection: The sleek and deadly Gascony Class Battleship. Swift and graceful, and able to dart about the waves as if it were dancing, the Gascony is able to effortlessly engage enemies with its powerful fore Torpedoes, while its Retardant Armour plating lends the vessel a degree of durability in a firefight.

The Gascony Mk I ‘Hunter Killer’ Battleship is a warship the Admiral of any fleet would be proud to field. With an impressive anti-aircraft cannon, gyro-angled broadsides and heavy flak guns, no airship, no matter how mighty, would be safe from her wrath. Sporting a modified Heavy Torpedo Turret, capable of linking with its already formidable fore tubes, no nautical menace would be able to cower in the cold, shadowy depths. With an elite swashbuckling crew trained for aggressive boarding actions and possessing an incredible duellists-edge to their marksmanship, the Mk I has well earned its nom de guerre: Le Chasseur!


After witnessing the bewilderingly swift and devastating results of the Mk I Gascony during its naval trials, République Armada Command threw open their coffers to the Royale Scientists Guild, giving them full reign over a retrofit to the prodigious vessel. Changing them to bring the full might of their Heat Lance technology to bare in the form of a heavy armour destroyer. Maddened with confidence and drunk on accolades, the Guild fitted the Mk II ‘Chaleur’ Class with a grim array of Heat weaponry. Using reverse engineered concepts stolen from a prized Covenant vessel during the aftermath of the Iron Scorpion campaign, French scientists managed to create a powerful Heat Flash Broadside system for the Gascony.

Infusing the broadsides not with an energy payload, but a concentrated blasting heat shockwave, capable of incinerating enemy vessels that dare tread too close! When coupled with the Mk II’s formidable pair of Heat Lances, no earthly ship can survive such a magnitude of infernal destruction! Powered by a massive Fury Generator encased in its centre hull and tended to by a team of experienced engineers, this vessel trophy hunts the prides of enemy fleets, setting them ablaze with raging fires from across the battlefield. The Gascony Mk II ‘Chaleur’ Class Battleship steams into troubled waters, filling the seas with the molten remains of all who dare challenge the Repulique!

The Gascony Battleship is the pinnacle of French design. Potent and purposed. Pride and perfection. With such innovation and power now in the hands of Le Grand Admiral, no nation will dare disrespect the République of France!


russian_webRussian Coalition Pakhtusov Class Battleship (DWRC54)

As the sciences and technologies of the world’s grow in power, so too must the might of the Great Bear! Under personal review of the Tsar himself, the munitions and navy of the Russian Coalition went into a furious re-development during 1875. A new hull, modern and able to keep pace with an ever-evolving enemy was designed in secret shipyards of the Coalition’s frozen north.

Flanked with a massive, thunderous broadside, the Pakhtusov class Battleship charges mightily into battle with massive over-clocked engines, boosted with a powerful, yet unstable, Sturginium fuel load. Bolstered with thick layers of ablative armour plating, the fortified hull is impossibly tough and is further protected from enemy attack by a powerful Target Jammer Generator, ensuring that this bloated beast of a ship arrives unscathed to the enemy lines so it may deliver the Tsar’s wrath with devastating effect!


Traditional gunnery, long the staple in Russia’s war-machine, was in need of improvement if they hoped to remain a threat to their enemies and their potent new vessels. Markov, the Antarctican Traitor, having proved himself time again to be the genius messiah of the Motherland, secreted himself away to a hidden laboratory in the cold miserable Island of Yuzhny. He had long planned to develop a new form of cannon, a terror weapon with which to break the will of proud enemy commanders and with the Tsar’s enthusiastic support the Pakhtusov Mk I ‘Terror’ Battleship rolled out of dry dock, allowing him to realise his design.

After many months of testing horrifying new forms of shrapnel warheads, he unveiled his mighty Fore Kannon design to the Tsar and his High Kommand personally. Presented upon the Pakhtusov Mk I, this Kannon sends forth a terrifying payload at velocities so potent it pierces hulls as easily as it shatters morale! Coupled with a powerful pair of heavy caliber turrets, the world is unaware at the horrors that steam from the shadows of the icy north!

Yet as the Russian Coalition spreads its warfront to all corners of its expansive empire, protracted coastline sieges have begun to tax heavy on the White Navy. To bring a definitive strike to these stagnant conflicts, Russian High Kommand ordered a modification to the newly crafted Pakhtusov Battleship. With its powerful engines, de-burdened of towing a massive deck cannon, the Mk II can bring a more sizable complement of assault marines to the front lines. Protected in a towering fortified Keep, these Air Cossacks are equipped with gear more suitable for long-reaching port assaults, the superstructure providing them an incredible platform for launching attacks!

With a truly “Russian” number of broadsides blistering the sides of this mini-fortress and supported by two towering keep Mortars, the close in punch of this formidable Assault Battleship is second to none. To better aid in breaking the will of their foe and to provide yet another layer of durability to the Russian fleet, the Pakhtusov Mk II ‘Assault’ Battleship houses one of the most potent Glacier Generators ever conceived, able to instantly fill the seas with massive chunks of immovable ice, shielding its hulking silhouette from the sights of the enemy!

With the Pakhtusov bringing newfound power and innovation to the Russian Coalition’s mighty fleet, soon no nation will be able to stave off the ambitions of the Tsar and the glory of Mother Russia!