There Is No Escape

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There Is No Escape

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As promised in yesterday’s blog about the Relthoza, today we’re bringing you a preview of the new Patrol Fleet for the Sorylian Collective.

The ideal introduction to this calculating reptilian race, the Patrol Fleet contains three brand new designs – the Falx Class Battleship, the Falcata Class Cruisers and the Reaper Class Frigates. A fully functioning force, primed to bring destruction to their enemies in the Zenian League, this Patrol Fleet is an ideal starting point for players interested in this race of master engineers.

NOTE: We have also included the components needed to convert one Cruiser into a Heavy Cruiser, allowing you to field a mixed Cruiser squadron.

Sorylian Collective Patrol Fleet

The Patrol Fleet is a great way to get to grips with a new force, learning their favoured tactics and how to best utilise their strengths.

For the Sorylian Collective, their peerless engineering and spacecraft design makes their ships hardy and their engines swift. In battle they barrel toward the enemy, cylindrical hulls and energy shielding deflecting the worst of the incoming fire. Multiple redundancies and top class technicians mean that their ships can keep running at full effectiveness, even if a lucky shot does penetrate their armour.

Falx Class Battleship

Surging into the midst of the enemy fleet, vast batteries of devastating thermal cannon let rip from devastating broadides. Firing in patterns mathematically calculated to register the most impacts against their target, regardless of any evasive action they take, there is no escape for prey caught in their sights.

Then, as thermal detonations ripple through the enemy fleet, leaving their vessels reeling, platoons of Skvarr marines and Kon Avarr shock troops prepare their assault shuttles for launch – ready to cross the dangerous void between vessels and sow havoc throughout the enemies’ ships.

Falcata Class Cruiser

A solid hulk, the uncompromising design of the Falx Battleship speaks of its implacable nature. Altering the vessel’s hard points allows an Admiral to tailor their flagship for speed or durability, to better suit their preferred tactics. Regardless, the massed ranks of cannon that line the sides of the ship and protrude from its nose are truly savage once the ship has closed range with the enemy.

(From left to right) Interceptor, Bomber and Reaper Class Frigate

Where the Battleship is a battering ram, the Falcata Cruisers are a sharpened blade. Operating in a large Squadron of four vessels, they can coordinate unmatched firepower and punch through even Dreadnought armour short range. Much swifter than the larger Battleship, the Falcatas frequently operate on the force’s flanks, taking advantage of intervening obstacles to shelter from heavy attacks as they advance and scattering light opposition with ferocious cannon fire. When in prime position, they mount a deadly charge through the enemy Fleet, uniting their weapons into crushing volleys which can cripple the largest opposing vessels in moments.

(From left to right) Falcata Class Cruiser, Falx Class Battleship and Kopis Class Heavy Cruiser

A swarm of Reaper Class Frigates rounds out the Patrol Fleet. A huge Squadron, these swift vessels can coordinate their attacks to devastating effect. Well armed and armoured for their size, a target singled out for destruction will be swamped in a deluge of shells from multiple vectors, leaving it incapable of any defence.

Kopis Class Heavy Cruiser

Just like the Relthoza, changing certain pieces of the Sorylian Cruiser transforms it into the mighty Kopis Class Heavy Cruiser. With enlarged weapons batteries to the fore and on both broadsides, and reinforced armour plating shrouding its engine block, the Kopis is a terrifying opponent – particularly once it has closed to point blank range!

Resilient in defence and fierce in attack, Patrol Fleets from the Sorylian Collective combine simple, direct tactics with expertly designed vessels to hammer their enemies into submission.

Next we will take a look at the Aquan Prime Patrol Fleet.