The Wyndham Line

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The Wyndham Line

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We have been enjoying some great games of Dystopian Legions recently, with our tabletop counterparts leading their forces in acts of cinematic combat… and getting killed in fairly spectacular ways at the same time!

We have put together four superb Mega Bundles so that you can very quickly dive straight into the action. Each Mega Bundle is themed around a force of deadly troops and their commanding Officer. Here’s a little background to help you to expand your own games or to use as inspiration for creating your own storylines.

The assault on Sector 14 of the Wyndham Line has become a textbook example of attacking a prepared position, and is taught to all Imperial Officers of the Blazing Sun Imperial Cadet School. The actions of Lieutenant Kujo and his men were exemplary and dealt a massive blow to the Britannian High Command, disproving their belief that the defenses of the Wyndam Line were impregnable.

Empire of the Blazing Sun Mega Bundle

Empire of the Blazing Sun Mega Bundle

Lieutenant Kujo recognised that an all out frontal assault was suicide, and that cunning and combined arms were the best way to bring about a glorious victory in the name of the Empress. Assembling his force from the best soldiers in the Regiment, Kujo focused on the elements of speed and surprise, combined with a solid base of fire to suppress the Britannians as the rest of his force advanced.

The main assaulting force was comprised of Ashigaru infantry mounted in Kote Armoured Personnel Carriers. The speed and firepower they were able to bring to bear allowed them to smash through the first line and into the trench network. They used their gas grenades to incapacitate the enemy and their infamous Dragon’s Breath Shotguns to turn the trenches into kill zones, establishing a foothold with relative ease.

The success of the assault depended heavily on the barrage of Rockets from the Regiment’s Kawachi-Kanpon Type 17 Field Gun, the destructive rockets breaking apart the defences and leaving the Britannians cowering in fear. The suppressed Britannians were unable to respond to the assaulting Ashigaru and were cut down in droves.

As the Kote Armoured Personnel Carriers raced towards the battered line, Lieutenant Kujo directed the long range firepower of the Imperial Rifles to targeting any enemy foolish enough to show themselves. Imperial Rifle Marksman Aito used his Teppo to target Britannian Officers and machine gun crews, hampering any chance of an effective retaliation. This allowed the Ashigaru to make swift progress through the trench network. The assault was not without casualties, but Kujo had insisted on sending Medic Hiegan in with the advance force to tend to the wounded and keep them in the fight for as long as their injuries allowed.

It is also reported that a key contributing factor to Kujo’s success that day was the deployment of an unknown number of Shinobi Assassins. These reports have been neither confirmed nor denied by Imperial Command, but upon reaching the Britanian Command bunker the Ashigaru were greeted by a charnel house. Precision cuts clearly made with razor sharp weaponry and with deadly accuracy and neat puncture wounds were visible on every corpse, and the faint haze of smoke filled the air. It is certain that if the command bunker had not been neutralised then reinforcements, or perhaps even an artillery barrage would have been called in on the assaulting troops, cutting the attack short.

For his Command during the assault on Sector 14 Lieutenant Kujo was promoted to the General Staff at the Imperial Cadet School where he now teaches the next generation of Lieutenants the skills necessary to win honourable victories in the name of the Empress.

This Mega Bundle gives you a fighting force of 180 points – ready to arrive on the tabletop and battle for supremacy:

1 x Tier 3 Officer with Kappon Pistol

6 x Ashigaru with Dragon’s Breath Shotguns
1 x Medic

5 x Imperial Rifleman with Teppos
1 x Imperial Rifleman Sergeant with Dragon’s breath shotgun
1 x Imperial Rifles Marksmen with Marksman’s Teppo

1 x Shinobi Kyudoka with Yumi
3 x Shinobi Assassins with Shuriken

1 x Field Gun with 2 Crew

1 x Kote Armoured Personnel Carrier

1 x Acrylic Command Points Token Sheet
1 x Acrylic Range Band Measure

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