The ‘What If…?’ World War!

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The ‘What If…?’ World War!

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As gamers of Dystopian Wars you know that the nations and factions of the world are locked in a bitter and gruelling World War with one another, with two major power blocs striving for supremacy, and many lesser nations flocking to support one or other of these great alliances.

But what about this question: what would it take to pull all of these warring factions away from each other’s throats, and force them to stand together in common cause? Well we think the answer is a simple one. And it goes something like this:

An invasion by a power not of this world, using technology so far advanced that it makes even the greatest achievements of Man seem like child’s play. And to make it worse, these invaders don’t want to simply win the war, they are hell-bent on cleansing the planet of the inferior race they see as infecting the world!

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And so we present the story of the Invasion of Earth by a hostile alien intelligence, known to humanity only as ‘The Invaders’. These mysterious beings command extraordinary powers, but are utterly inimical to all earthly life, seeking only to destroy it and alter the very world itself to suit their own needs.

The events of this campaign are speculative – it is not intended to be part of the plotline of the Dystopian Wars game, which we are rapidly developing and expanding in our campaign books and other publications. Instead, it provides an account of just how the human nations of the world might react when faced with such a mysterious, deadly and relentless enemy.

It is also a chance for you, the players, to pit your forces against the military might of a terrifying new foe from beyond both the stars and human understanding. Or perhaps you will choose to side with the Invaders in their attempt to purge this valuable jewel of a planet of its current unworthy residents.

Either way, you must marshal your forces, stand fast and load heavy ammunition – the Invaders are here!

So what next?
Right now you should download the Invaders rules that allow our new Studio Sparta models to work within the Dystopian Wars setting. We’ve made these models different to our other models, so these Invaders play differently to the existing nations of the world. Follow this link to download our Invaders PDF.

Now put November 6th in your diary (yes, we know it is already there….but this one will see a lot of alien fireworks kicking off!) and watch out for our Invasion of Earth blog which will detail how you can get yourself involved in our worldwide campaign as we invite you to either defend the world… or destroy it! Whatever takes your fancy.

So until this fateful day… get your Invaders ready, read the rules, find an opponent to obliterate and come sign up for duty. The date again is November 6th. We’ll see you then.