The Warriors (Part 2 of 2)

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The Warriors (Part 2 of 2)

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The Veydreth home worlds are believed to be resource-poor and so, like the Ba’Kash, raiding is essential to the maintenance of their way of life. The race’s attitude to warfare has been likened by human scholars as almost analogous to that of the Vikings of Old Terra. Veydreth tribes have an almost joyous approach to combat, and will readily take on just about any opponent, including other Veydreth.

The Veydreth are not an outright evil people, but they are harsh, having little respect for weakness and none at all for cowards. They will accept the surrender of opponents, but their treatment of captives depends greatly upon how much of a fight they put up beforehand.

The act of begging for mercy without even raising a weapon is scorned by the Veydreth, yet conversely, even the lowliest creature which yields only after giving all in battle will be accorded considerable respect.

In space combat, the Veydreth favour swift and manoeuvrable craft. No Veydreth ships larger than heavy cruiser weight have been recorded to date. Veydreth vessels carry a disproportionately large array of weapons, built around the most powerful drive systems they can maintain.

Veydreth ships do not employ shields, their engineers preferring to rely on speed, strong hulls and overwhelming firepower to destroy their foes. They do, however, mount large arrays of mine dispensers, allowing them to shape battlefields to their advantage.

Veydreth weapon systems are a combination of chemical lasers of their own design, supplemented with Terran-sourced coil assisted projectile weaponry. They back these up with large forward-facing arrays of torpedo tubes as a potent alpha-strike weapon system.

When firepower is insufficient to cripple the foe, or sometimes out of preference, Veydreth ships will strike at their enemies with massed boarding actions. Veydreth warriors are terrifying at close quarters. They supplement their natural armour with heavy power-assisted battle-rigs and wield a huge variety of powerful short-ranged personal firearms and grenades, plus a gruesome array of close combat weaponry.

Veydreth Hunter Class Destroyer

The outbreak of the Dindrenzi war in the Storm Zone did not immediately affect the Veydreth homeworlds, far away in Muishkin’s Rift. Despite their treaty with the Terrans, Veydreth Spearhead Fleets freely attacked just about anyone else they encountered on their extensive voyages.

Xelocian flotillas, Ba’Kash Clan-Fleets, even assets belonging to the Aquans and Sorylians were all considered valid Veydreth targets. However, they always gave the Tarakians a wide berth, given the Tarakian attitude to marauders of any race.

However, the astute Anton Kurak soon realised that the Veydreth tribes represented a considerable source of military strength which could easily be harnessed to the Terran cause.

Through his contacts within the Hawker Consortium, Kurak arranged for many Veydreth tribes to be taken on as mercenaries. In addition to the payments they would receive, Kurak’s agents made clear to the assenting chieftains that they would be free to loot and pillage whatever they liked from assets belonging to the Dindrenzi and their allies.

Many Veydreth leaders and their tribes jumped at the chance, not only to garner a slice of the spoils of war, but also at the prospect of testing their martial skills against a whole new array of potential opponents.

Some in the Aquan and Sorylian governments balked at the appearance of Veydreth tribes in the Alliance fleets. But Kurak smoothed matters over, arguing that if the Veydreth were kept occupied by Zenian League targets they would leave off violent activities against the Sebrutan and the Collective. Thus far, he has been proven right.

Veydreth flotillas are becoming a common sight amongst the Kurak Alliance Fleets. Their love for battle and savage ferocity, properly channelled, are sure to repay the Terrans’ confidence in them.

A Word from the Designer

The destroyer is the only vessel that isn’t chiefly built for close encounters and confrontations. It is a ranged hunter designed to circle its target like a bird-of-prey (or like an AC-130 performing a pylon-turn). It has enough firepower to engage a target head-on if the need arises but works best from a distance, utilising its broadside launch tubes. Better still, at longer range-bands the destroyer can become an invisible killer when it cuts its engines (note the subtle stealth-bomber details in some areas of the hull).