The Warriors (Part 1 of 2)

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The Warriors (Part 1 of 2)

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When the human race embarked upon its first long-range stellar exploration efforts, scouting missions and colony fleets were sent in all directions. During this period it was discovered that the most profitable areas for expansion lay in the direction of the galactic rim, but not before the early explorers had made a number of discoveries elsewhere, some of them far less welcoming than others.

Terran expeditions that headed towards the galactic south encountered the Veydreth race when they attempted to map the dense clusters of systems within Muishkin’s Rift. This area proved to be the then-southernmost limit of human expansion, largely because when the Terrans became aware of the Veydreth, the aliens also became aware of the Terrans, and a long-drawn out series of struggles began.

Veydreth Gunship

With its ‘Rip-Harpoon’ cannon and ‘Tusk-Launcher’, the Veydreth is a brutal close-range nemesis!

Newly-founded Terran colonies in the regions around Muishkin’s Rift began to be plagued almost incessantly by attacks from this wild and fierce alien race. At the height of the Terran-Veydreth conflicts, the region came to be regarded as being almost as dangerous as the frontier zones of the Outer Reach.

The Veydreth, being native to Muishkin’s Rift, were almost impossible to pin down with counteroffensives. The best arrangement that could be found was to provide the southern colonies with a high level of security to hold the line. The southern arm of Terran expansion was halted in favour of focusing on far more profitable Outer Reach exploration.

However, when the Dindrenzi people won their independence from the Terran Satellite Charter and the Reach was closed off to further Terran exploitation, the southern arm of expansion, known as the ‘Dresden Stream’, suddenly became vitally important once more.

The Veydreth had never ceased to be a threat, and the Terran government, as part of its new policy of co-reward exploration, sent several large Satellite Charter Armadas into the outer edges of Muishkin’s Rift to try and pacify the arrogant aliens by force.

The renewed war lasted for nearly a decade and cost both sides dearly – the whole process of Terran co-reward expansion badly set back as a result. In the process, each side gained a grudging respect for the other; the Terrans for the Veydreth’s undoubted courage and skill at arms, and the Veydreth for the humans’ ingenuity and sheer bloody-minded determination.

Eventually, both sides sued for peace under the terms of Vanderghast Accord, which has gone down in history as one of the most bizarre settlements of all time. The Veydreth Akrahnavaar, the council consisting of their most powerful tribal chieftains, agreed to cease their attacks on Terran colonies and allow the Terrans unmolested access to all the regions around Muishkin’s Rift, although not within the Rift itself.

In return, they demanded for their people the gift of shared technology and, far more surprisingly, an annual tribute of supplies. The Terran government agreed, viewing the tribute as a cultural peculiarity of the largely carnivorous Veydreth.

The costs were met by Terran trade links with the Ryushi, whose Garden-Fleets provided the bulk of the foodstuffs. The technological aspects were supplied by the Hawker Consortium. To the surprise of the Terrans, the ferocious Veydreth honoured the terms of Vanderghast. Their attacks against Terran colonies ceased almost entirely, except for some perpetrated by isolated renegade elements.

The new peace allowed for increased contact between humans and Veydreth. Many colonies took to hiring Veydreth tribes as mercenaries, protecting their trade caravans and other assets from the attentions of raiders and marauders. Terran xenologists also gained a greater insight into the character of a race previously dismissed as mere spaceborne barbarians.

Physically, the Veydreth are quadrapedal, heavyset and very strong. They are apparently descended from reptilian stock, although they appear to be unrelated to the Sorylians or Saurians, and indeed have a long history of hostility towards both.

The species seems to have originated on a world deep within Muishikin’s Rift. Their dominion is thought to extend over a tight cluster of systems within the region. However, accurate mapping of the Veydreth worlds by Terran astro-cartographers has proven impossible thanks to the terms of Vanderghast.

The Veydreth are not thought to be a very numerous people, at least not compared to the other great powers. Veydreth society is based around a tribal structure, each tribe being led by a chieftain, known as an Akhrana.

Position within the tribe is based mostly on fighting prowess. However those Veydreth who are skilled in engineering and the sciences, known as Tyvekhna, are accorded great respect as almost shamanic figures. A tribe’s ability to sail the stars in search of plunder depends greatly upon their knowledge and ability.

A Word from the Designer

We felt it was important to get the primal nature of the Veydreth race across within the aesthetic of their vessels. The Veydreth Gunship defines their pack-hunter persona, lurching forward with a menacing scowl: Prowler by name and most certainly by nature! The single ‘Rip-Harpoon’ cannon and ‘Tusk-Launcher’ Torpedo banks emphasize this brutal, predatory appearance and highlight the Veydreth preference for close-range destruction. The large broadside arrays are then placed amongst the skeletal rib-like structures to complete the intimidating feel.

The four engines are influenced by the Veydreth’s quadrapedal nature and are fully articulate. The gunship sets the trend for the remaining Veydreth vessels: stripped-down and basic with guns and engines strapped to a chassis and not much else. Expect the Cruiser and Heavy Cruiser to look just as aggressive.

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