The Thin Red Line

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The Thin Red Line

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We have been enjoying some great games of Dystopian Legions recently, with our tabletop counterparts leading their forces in acts of cinematic combat… and getting killed in fairly spectacular ways at the same time!

We have put together four superb Mega Bundles so that you can very quickly dive straight into the action. Each Mega Bundle is themed around a force of deadly troops and their commanding Officer. Here’s a little background to help you to expand your own games or to use as inspiration for creating your own storylines.

The 1st Battalion Royal Regiment of Britannia has an illustrious history and has been present at every major battle fought in the name of Her Majesty over the last 120 years.

Placing great stock in traditional tactics honed over many years of warfare, the Commanding Officers of the 1st Battalion can be relied upon to stand firm in the face of the enemy, delivering the withering volleys of rifle fire that have given the Britannian Infantryman an almost mythical status throughout the Empire.

Kingdom of Britannia Mega Bundle

Kingdom of Britannia Mega Bundle

One of the Battalion’s more famous battles is the Defence of Minden Ridge. A patrol made up of soldiers from B Company and an attachment of Sky Hussar Cavalry from the 21st/3rd Lancers held their ground against the oncoming forces of a Prussian Grenadier Company.

Early on in the battle the patrol Commander, Captain Willows, was hit by a burst of rifle fire and killed instantly. It fell to Lieutenant Carline to rally the men and hold back the advancing Grenadiers.

The young Lieutenant drew his men up along the top of the ridge, his infantry placed in line formation, flanked by the impressive Brunel-Nordenfelt machine gun. He ordered the Armstrong 14 Pdr Field Gun to be set up along the left flank of the slope in the perfect position to enfilade fire into the oncoming foe. Corporal Keys of the Sky Hussars took his men off to the wooded area to the right of the ridge to lay in wait for the perfect time to strike.

Well deployed and with confidence in their Commander, the men began to pour volley after volley into the enemy, firing in time to the beat of the Company Drummer; the staccato beat of the machine guns rounds punctuating the battle as the Prussians fell in droves. Heavy artillery shells fired from the Armstrong 14pdr making short work of the Prussian APC’s and Light tanks.

This tremendous firepower was more than the Prussian Grenadiers could stand. They began to fall back in disarray causing confusion and panic in their ranks. This was the moment Corporal Keys had been waiting for. Sounding the charge, the Sky Hussar flew out from behind the woods and straight into the enemy, MKII Flamebelcher’s roaring and sabres flashing in the sunlight.

Seeing the glorious charge from atop the ridge, Sgt Hyde of the Black Watch ordered his men to fix bayonets. Famed for their ferocity in melee, the veteran warriors charged, cutting a vast swathe through the enemy. This was the final straw for the Prussian Commander, who sounded full retreat and fled the field in ignominy.

For his Command of the Defence of Minden Ridge Lieutenant Carline was promoted to Captain, another battle honour was added to the Regimental standard and the honour of Her Britannic Majesty was maintained.

This Mega Bundle gives you a fighting force of 180 points – ready to arrive on the tabletop and battle for supremacy:

1 x Tier 3 Officer with Windshear Ray Projector

5 x Rifleman with Martini-Metford Rifles
1 x Sergeant with Martini-Metford Rifle
1 x HMG team with Brunel-Nordenfelt HMG
1 x Drummer Boy

5 x Black Watch Rifleman with Martini-Metford Rifles
1 x Black Watch Sergeant with MKII Flamebelcher
1 x Black Watch Specialist with Nock Gun

1 x Sky Hussar Corporal with MKII Flamebelcher
3 x Sky Hussars with MKII Flamebelcher
1 x Sky Hussar Specialist with MKIII Flamethrower

1 x Armstrong 14pdr Field Gun with 2 Crew

1 x Acrylic Command Points Token Sheet
1 x Acrylic Range Band Measure

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