The Stellar Syndicate

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The Stellar Syndicate

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The great stellar empires and their star fleets do not have the monopoly on building large, powerful capital ships. Many smaller independent shipyards, especially within the Directorate and the more remote regions of Dindrenzi space, will quite happily construct power battle-craft for all manner of clients, no questions asked.

The mighty Phantom Class battleship is one the largest and most potent ships of this type. They are believed to be constructed within the Directorate, and have found particular favour with wealthy stellar crime cartels, such as the infamous Vylia’sal Syndicate of the Rift.

Phantoms are famous for their internal opulence – those who commission such warships often wish to make a statement to friends and enemies alike in more ways than one. These vessels are often monuments to their owners’ wealth as much as their military power.

But the Phantom is no mere floating pleasure palace. Its sleek, streamlined hull, though decorous by warship standards, belies its ferocious offensive power – the equal of any vessel of equivalent mass.
Serried ranks of domed casemates mounting rapid-cycling railguns stud the flanks of the vessel, while a triple array of accelerator turrets around its imposing centre citadel can face threats on any bearing. The Phantom’s deadly weaponry is completed by a terrifyingly powerful forward plasma projector, whose multiple muzzles are faired into the leading edges of the vessel’s hull.

The Syndicate Ships certainly are a sight to behold!

As well as its firepower, the Phantom also has ample facilities for housing fighters and other small assault craft. These docking bays are also an important means for the vessel’s owners to perform ship-to-shore transfer hops with appropriate style and dignity.

However, the battleship’s offensive power extends to more than just its arsenal. Those who employ this vessel appreciate the value of having the edge in information warfare, and the Phantom has excellent surveillance and intelligence-gathering gear.

Those hapless souls facing one of these lethal vessels quickly find themselves hamstrung, their most cunning battle plans already known to the Phantom’s fleet commander. The Vylia’sal Syndicate, one of the most noteworthy users of these fearsome ships, are especially adept at this subtle but far-reaching art of warfare, unravelling opponents’ schemes to such a degree that their rivals often are doomed to defeat long before true battle is ever joined


Designed and built by the same shipyards that turn out Phantoms for wealthy – and usually shady – customers, the powerful Spur Class Heavy Cruiser is for all intents and purposes a scaled down version of its battleship cousin. However, what the Spur lacks in size, it makes up for in speed and striking power.

Although lacking the capacity to ship squadrons of short-range strike craft, the Spur has an array of armaments every bit as diverse and deadly as the Phantom, though on a smaller scale. Deadly railgun casemates and accelerator turrets are mounted on the vessel in the same aspect as the battleship’s weaponry.

Where the Spur excels in weaponry, however, is with its forward plasma projector. The Heavy Cruiser mounts a disproportionately large powerplant for its mass. The excess energy generated is channelled into the ventrally-mounted system.

This gives the Spur’s plasma projector array an even larger punch than the Phantom’s at its optimum ranges, cutting targets in half with a single searing flash of sun-fire!

Two or more Spurs co-ordinating their firepower against a single opponent is almost certain to reduce the target to a mass of smoking wreckage in short order, be it an enemy warship or asteroid base.
For this reason, organisations such as the Vylia’sal Syndicate often use Spurs as potent intimidation tools to cow rivals and enemies into submission, as the vessel is usually more than a match for whatever opposition it will come up against. But as with the Phantom, the Spur’s capacity to wage information warfare is formidable.

Spurs in the hands of their most numerous users, the stellar crime cartels, see frequent employment as spy-ships, a role for which they are very well-suited. In addition to their surveillance and detection equipment, Spurs are almost always manned by highly disciplined and well-trained crews. Among the best that the ship’s owners have to offer, they can be relied upon to complete their assigned missions successfully, regardless of risk or cost.