The Ironclads

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The Ironclads

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Pioneer Ironclad

” I heard you whining that we’re out-numbered, out-gunned and out-matched. Well boys, your prayers have been answered! Clear a path – we’ve got 33 tonnes of iron plated pain on its way to ruin their day! That should even the odds a little…”

Federated States of America Pioneer Ironclad

The Pioneer Ironclad storms into battle

Relatively swift, well armoured and mounting deadly weaponry, the Pioneer Ironclad is as much a mobile, fortified artillery piece as a tank. It supplies a Federated States Commander with devastating long range firepower that the enemy will find difficult to counter.

The ground shaking retort of the Pioneer’s 8″ Automatic Howitzer accompanies the unending rain of destruction, hammering the enemy from unprecedented ranges.

The Automatic Howitzer is a particularly effective weapon against enemy vehicles, its shells cutting through the armour of Personnel Carriers and Tankettes with ease. Even opposing Ironclads will crumble under its sustained fire.

Federated States of America Pioneer Ironclad (2)

The Pioneer Ironclad can hammer the enemy from unprecedented ranges

With high Ranged Attack Dice and Ironclad Attack Dice, once this vehicle has manoeuvred into a commanding position, no enemy – Infantry or Ironclad – will be safe from its unrelenting barrage. This allows the rest of the force to close on the enemy under cover of its intense fire to deliver the killing blow to the stricken enemy.

With high Armour Ratings in every facing, bar the vulnerable rear section, the enemy will need to rely on specialist heavy firepower, or dangerous assaults deep into the FSA lines to silence the Pioneer’s destructive cannon.

Walze Ironclad

“It was pitch black, but we could hear an engine growl so loud I thought a Sturmpanzer must be about to crush us! An eerie glow lit the trees and the roar dropped to a low rumble. We froze, hoping the beast would pass us by. Suddenly, I went deaf and a pressure wave hurled me to the floor. When my senses returned it had moved on. The trees we’d been sheltering behind were just blackened stumps and splinters. The air tasted like copper and the rest of my section? Gone… or at least… unidentifiable.”

Prussian Empire Walze Ironclad

The towering Prussian Empire Walze Ironclad

The blitzkrieg tactics of the Prussian Empire are exemplified by the towering iron behemoth that is the Walze Ironclad.

Almost impervious to head-on attacks as it storms toward the enemy, the vehicle’s thunderous 10″ Cannon and terrifying Tesla weaponry lay waste in all directions and topple the toughest targets with ease.
Whether flanked by ponderous but fearsome Teutonic Knights, or fast moving Sturmwagons and Kettenkarres, with a Walze Ironclad at the vanguard the path to victory will be as secure as it is violent!

Prussian Empire Walze Ironclad (2)

With the Walze Ironclad at their disposal who will dare to stand in the way of the forces of the Prussian Empire?

The angled armour plates that shield the fore section of the Walze’s hull provide the highest Armour Rating of any vehicle its size. Meanwhile, the mass of red Attack Dice from its 10″ Cannon are dangerously effective against ranked or high Life Point Infantry.

Once the armoured spearhead has pierced the enemy lines, the Walze can let loose its twin Tesla Coils. Arcing lightning will sow chaos amidst tightly packed infantry, particularly with the Thunderstorm Game Card, and the defences of lighter Ironclads will prove no match for these electric blasts.

Have you placed your pre-order?

Both the Federated States of America Pioneer Ironclad and the Prussian Empire Walze Ironclad will be shipping from Wednesday 29th May 2013. Head over to the Spartan Games Online Store and place your pre-order today!