The Hunt Begins

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The Hunt Begins

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This time in our series of blogs discussing Firestorm Armada 2.0, we thought we’d take a closer look at the upcoming ‘Patrol Fleet’ Boxed Sets, focusing in particular on the new ships for the terrifying arachnoid evolved Relthoza.

These new Patrol Fleets will be a brilliant way to start a new fleet for Firestorm Armada – whether you are a veteran of the previous edition, or a newcomer to the Firestorm Galaxy. Composed of stunning all resin models, the majority of which are brand new sculpts across the range, these sets are the perfect way to start learning how to play the game and will form the solid core of your expanding Fleet.

Patrol Fleet

The Relthoza Patrol Fleet you can see here consists of one imposing Nexus Class Battleship, a full squadron of three deadly Assassin Class Cruisers and a quartet of agile Widow Class Frigates. Completing the set are a pair of new resin SRS Tokens, used for the Wings of ‘Short Range Spacecraft’ which the Nexus can bring to battle.

NOTE: We have also included the components needed to convert one Cruiser into a Heavy Cruiser, allowing you to field a mixed Cruiser squadron.

On the tabletop, the Relthoza are more dangerous than ever. Employing advanced, nanotech Cloaking Fields they advance toward the enemy shrouded from their attacks, picking off enemy outliers with lethal torpedo volleys. Then, when they have acquired optimal firing solutions, they drop their cloaks and channel all power to their weapon systems. Banks of hydroxide cannons line the flanks of the Relthoza vessels, primed to unleash millions of hull-devouring nanites on their targets.

Nexus Class Battleship

With a bold silhouette and multi-faceted armour plates, the Nexus Battleship is both an intimidating sight and a ferocious enemy. Customisable to make it a fearsome assault ship, a light carrier or a deadly brawler, the Nexus is the centre piece of the Patrol Fleet and your Admiral’s personal vessel. The ability to use the vessel as a formidable assault carrier can make it particularly dangerous. Using its combination of heavy armour and cloaking fields, the Nexus is sure to deliver its charge of intricately detailed SRS Wings into the fray – along with their devastating payload.

(From left to right) Widow Class Frigate, Bomber Token and Interceptor Token

Sleek in contrast to the monstrous Battleship, the Assassin Cruisers never fail to live up to their name. Although lacking the thick armour relied on by other races, these Relthoza ships combine various forms of stealth technology to mask their approach and greatly reduce incoming enemy fire. Then, when they have their prey surrounded, all hell breaks loose as the enemies armour is eaten away in seconds.

Finally, the Widow Class Frigates which make up the third tier vessels in this Patrol Fleet are a matchless escorting force. Whilst vulnerable to enemy attack if caught isolated, they can benefit from the Battleship’s Cloaking Field if they keep close by. Then, When the Battleship readies its weapons batteries, they can dart out from its shadow to cripple a prime target for the Nexus to strike down, or scatter an approaching flanking force before it can cause harm.

Huntsman Class Heavy Cruiser (left) and Assassin Class Cruiser (right)

As well as demonstrating the relative sizes of the new Relthoza models, the above image also gives a sneak preview of the Huntsman Class Heavy Cruiser. Although not included in the Patrol Fleet, this demonstrates the modular design of our Cruisers and Heavy Cruisers. A simple exchange of components turns the agile Assassin into the unstoppable Huntsman, complete with heavily enhanced broadsides!

An ideal entry into Firestorm Armada and the space-faring forces of the Relthoza, your enemies will quickly learn to tremble in fear at the approach of your Relthoza Patrol Fleet.

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