The Generator Game

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The Generator Game

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Our last blog was before the Festive Season was in full swing, so I hope you all had a great time and are enjoying 2012 so far.

There’s been a fantastic amount of conversation and feedback on the updates, and I wanted to quickly thank everyone who has been involved in that. The playtesting continued throughout the seasonal break and will continue for as long as possible, so if you have any more thoughts that you want to contribute we always like to hear them.

Firstly, the scientists of the Prussian Empire would like to confirm that, as with Rockets and Torpedoes, Tesla Coils can now be fired at Flying and Diving models in Range Band 1.

A couple of changes we can now confirm are to Generators:

Sometimes scientists are whimsical and fanciful, but at the end of the day they are judged on the value of their creations and if something isn’t working right, then it’s time to break out the fancy toolbox, tap the ol’ noggin box and work up a sweat.

The following global rule for Generators has been added:

  • A model CAN initiate a Boarding Assault against a model that it has fired a Generator at in its current activation.

This is actually the removal of a previous restriction and currently has an effect on: the Ultrasonic Pulverising and Tesla Generators of the Prussian Empire, and the Disruption Generators of the Empire of the Blazing Sun and the Covenant of Antarctica.

Additionally a couple of Generators have been tweaked to make them a more workable choice for their Nation:


The Tesla Generator can give a boost in movement or use its power to aggressively affect vital components of an enemy model.

When a model fitted with a Tesla Generator is activated, the controlling player can choose to roll for it to gain +1D3” of Movement (Mv). If a Squadron of models are fitted with Tesla Generators, roll for each model independently. If a Tesla Generator is used in this way, the extra movement must be rolled for BEFORE moving the model.

Any model that rolled for a movement increase from the Tesla Generator in its Squadron activation MUST move at least HALF of their Movement, including the boost from the Generator.

If the Tesla Generator is NOT used to gain extra Movement, it can attempt to short-circuit the vital systems of another model. It affects ONE model within 8” of the centre of the firing model, regardless of their Height Level. It is fired after the model with the Generator has finished its movement. Roll 1D6 for the affected model:

  • A roll of 5 or 6 results in the model suffering a single Critical Damage result, but not the damage. Roll ONCE on the Critical Hit Table, re-rolling any results of Double 1 or Double 6, and apply the effect immediately.


The UPG has the ability to cripple an enemy model’s defensive measures or decimate its complement of marines rather than cause any structural damage. It has 270 degree Arc of Fire, measured from the centre of the Generator, and can target ONE model within 8”. It is fired after the model with the Generator has finished its movement. Roll 1D6 against the target model:

  • A roll of 4 results in the targeted model not being able to use Ack Ack or Concussion Charges for the rest of the Turn.
  • A roll of 5 results in the targeted model losing the following Model Assigned Rules for the rest of the Turn: Coordinated Assault, Dash and Elan and Elite Crew.
  • A roll of 6 results in the targeted model losing 1D6 Assault Points (AP).


Julian Glover
Production Manager, Spartan Games
Dystopian Wars Project Manager