The Ack-Ack Express

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The Ack-Ack Express

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“And here comes the 08.13 Ack-Ack Express, right on time! Let’s see those devils make a strafing run now.”

In the Civil War many trains were repurposed and heavily armed and armoured for military use. Since then the industry has developed apace, culminating in the Columbia Class Land Train – a marvel able to traverse the battlefield without relying on vulnerable railroads.

The true advantage of the Columbia is its exceptional versatility. A simple carriage swap can change the train from flak defence to troop transport – allowing a Commander to bring the tools they need for the task at hand.


Federated States of America Columbia Class Land Train

A Columbia Land Train can perform fire support at short or long range with its Gun Carriages or Rocket Batteries. A full complement of Gun Carriages can even put holes in a Land Ship at short ranges, while the Rocket Batteries can offer punishing suppressing fire.

Likewise, a Columbia can defend the lines from aerial assault with Flak Carriages if held close to vulnerable vehicles or even hunt down aircraft using powerful Ack Ack batteries with Telescopic Zoom. In turn the Support Carriages assist nearby Infantry and increase the Commander’s tactical options through their Radio Network.

A common tactic of FSA Commanders is to swiftly deliver Infantry to the thick of the fighting in Personnel Carriages, without needing to expend their limited Fatigue or come under enemy fire.

Finally, if all else fails, a string of powerful Bombard Carriages can pound the foe to dust whilst safely hidden within the American lines.

Federated States of America Columbia Class Land Train Statistics [PDF, 500KB]

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