Tension Mounting

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Tension Mounting

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By Spartan Ben

The men and machines of the 1st Battalion the Royal Somerset Regiment advance down the Troarn-Falaise Road, tension mounting with the anticipation of the combat to come.

We are getting ready for a gaming weekend here in the Studio and confidence of victory (and the associated promises of destruction of co-workers forces) has got us all plotting and scheming with our new Dystopian Legions Army lists.

To share this warm fuzzy feeling of my enemies impending doom I thought you would enjoy the inspiring sight of my Britannian Mechanised Battalion as it marches onwards to victory …or possibly to a swift and glorious death, I haven’t decided how I’m going to play it!

Spartan Neil adds “they’re going to die horribly as my Empire of the Blazing Sun troops rip them apart!”

Spartan Ben’s Britannian Mechanised Battalion