Taskforce Arrives!

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Taskforce Arrives!

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It is busy times in the Firestorm Galaxy and we’re most pleased to be able to now make our Firestorm Taskforce rules available for download.

If you follow the links below you can download a PDF version of the rulebook and statistics for Aquan Prime, Sorylian Collective, Directorate, Dindrenzi Federation, Relthoza, Terran Alliance, Alliance of Kurak, Zenian League and Marauder Factions.

Firestorm Taskforce is our fast play game engine which uses our large range of highly-detailed 1/10,000th scale spaceships and is designed to deliver a smooth and enjoyable game to your tabletops. The rules are an ideal way to introduce new gamers to the Firestorm Galaxy and are designed to complement the full Firestorm Armada 2.0 ruleset which delivers a much more gritty and granular spaceship combat game.

On a final note, the Firestorm guys never stop looking at ways to improve the rules and are currently working on a new edition of Taskforce as part of the Firestorm Galaxy development programme as detailed by Spartan Derek – check out his article here. Keep your eye out for that to become available as a free download later in the year. Special thanks go to Spartan Josh Le Cheminant for his work on the statistics.

Taskforce Statistics

Firestorm Taskforce Rulebook – April 2017 Edition

Terran Alliance

Dindrenzi Federation



Aquan Prime

Sorylian Collective


Zenian League

Alliance of Kurak