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Svarog Class Battle Robot
When looking for words to describe the Svarog the process simply boils down to one all-encompassing choice – BRUTAL! We wanted to create a walking robot that blasted its way towards its enemies, guns blazing and turrets/mortars hurling nightmarish ordnance before using its gigantic steam axe to decapitate anything foolish enough to stand before it. Let fire and damnation rain down on all enemies of the Russian Coalition… the Svarog has arrived!

For now we hope you enjoy some images of the Svarog Battle Robot, but keep checking back for more updates. Soon we’ll show you how the Republique of France has taken an icon from its past and turned it into a new symbol of its military might. FSA players be warned… this war machine is aimed straight at your military!

RC Terrain 1

RC Terrain 2

RC Terrain 3

RC Terrain 4

RC Water 1

RC Water 2

RC Water 3

RC Water 4