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The justice systems of the more settled parts of the Terran Alliance no longer practice capital punishment as a rule, even for the most heinous crimes. However, this is not out of some altruistic belief that nobody is completely beyond redemption. The Alliance government realised a long time ago that convicts were a plentiful source of labour for large projects, especially hazardous ones.

Every few years, worlds of the Terran Alliance are visited by one of the many transportation flotillas of the Terran Satellite Charter Penal Transit Authority (TSCPTA). The flotillas take away the worst inmates of the world’s prison systems, depositing them aboard huge maximum security transports.

These massive vessels are known officially as Roving Penal and Correctional Colony Ships, or ‘R-Pax’. Their crews and passengers know them as ‘dump-ships’ – scooping up the refuse of humanity and discarding it upon wild and faraway worlds.

But the inmates of Supermax-89 were destined for quite a different fate. A Ba’Kash Clan-Fleet attack on the understrength flotilla resulted in the destruction of the TSCPTA guard detail and the accidental release of the R-Pax’s inmates.

Under the brutal leadership of notorious criminal mastermind Saul Dysart, the convicts slaughtered many of their alien attackers and drove off the rest. They then took full control of the remains of the flotilla, converting huge amount of heavy mining equipment and other machinery onboard into crude but lethal weaponry.

Dysart sailed his fleet into the Rift, far away from Terran-ruled space. He and his people intended to carve out their own empire within the lawless region. But instead, they ran up against the Syndicate.

Unable to outfight the well-established cartel and threatened with exposure to the Terran authorities if they resisted, Dysart’s people were forced into the service of Tauris Vylia’sal, much to their disgust.

For five years Dysart has been biding his time, using the violent enforcement missions forced on him by the Syndicate to hone his people into a hard core of dedicated, disciplined killers and space-fighters. The day is coming soon when the convicts of Supermax-89 exact bloody vengeance on their arrogant ‘employers’.

Supermax-89 – Reformer Class Dreadnought

The huge Reformer Class penal barges are some of the largest ships in service in the Terran Alliance. However, they are not designed as warships but as vast reinforced transports. As designed, their role is to keep large numbers of dangerous occupants contained securely while requiring only a minimal crew.

Supermax-89 - Reformer Class Dreadnought

Supermax-89 - Reformer Class Dreadnought

However, when turned into outright offensive vessels as Dysart and his people did, the Reformer makes a terrifying warship. At range, salvos of crude explosive shells and hull-grinding torpedoes converted out of powerful boring machines tear apart ships and defence platforms alike.

Industrial gravity tractor-beams, normally employed to move large pieces of asteroids into favourable positions for mining, are instead used to drag enemy ships into range of the vessel’s launch tubes.

Supermax-89 – Reformer Class Dreadnought

Supermax-89 – Reformer Class Dreadnought

The unfortunate craft are then beset by massed waves of savage convict boarding teams, to whom mercy and surrender are meaningless terms. This is Dysart’s preferred method of attack, taking advantage of the vast manpower at his disposal and the thirst of many of them for bloodshed at close quarters.

Other convicts take to the launch bays, hurling themselves into battle at the controls of fighter craft, preferring to hunt down individual enemies personally in the cold void of deep space.

Supermax-89 is one of the factions that will be appearing in the upcoming Marauders of the Rift Campaign Guide.

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