Summer Fun

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Summer Fun

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August brings new releases for Dystopian Wars, with Naval and Armoured Battle Groups for one of the world’s most powerful Alliance Nations – the Indian Raj.

Naval Battle Group
The Indian Raj is the richest and most populous of the Britannian dominions, and as such it is one of the most powerful. Its world geography makes it a vital player in naval warfare, and its fleets are commended with seasoned officers, both domestic and Britannian.

At the heart of a Raj Naval Battle Group is a giant Jhasa Battle Carrier, quite literally the jewel of this nation’s naval complement. Stacked full of KoB flyers a Jhasa lays down an outlandish amount of firepower, only surpassed in terms of brutishness by the Canda Monitor and Chanura Heavy Battleship. Other vessels include the nippy Veeran Corvette and Devak Cruiser. You also get Templates and Tokens and a deck of superb TAC cards. A well rounded naval force if there ever was one.

Armoured Battle Group
With such huge areas of land to command, the Indian Raj must press home its ground force capability, smashing all that stand before it. An Armoured Battle Group anchors around the gigantic and foreboding Antaka Land Dreadnought. Rolling along and crushing all before it, this monolith of Indian architecture unleashes a storm of destruction upon enemy forces, with the Ajagava Heavy Bombard letting loose a hail of death. Supporting the ‘heavy hitters’ are the Tarakee Light Tank, Megha War Elephants (a sight to behold when in war formation) and the Vimana Medium Tanks. You also get Templates and Tokens and a deck of superb TAC cards. Elegant and deadly is the easiest way to describe an Indian Raj Armoured Battle Group.

Firestorm Armada Alliance Nations
As the war in the Storm Zone intensifies, new fleets are also in high demand and August heralds the arrival of the brand new Tarakian and Ba’Kash Patrol Alliance models. These are new sculpts (100% resin) with even more detail and bags of character on the gaming table.

Tarakian Patrol Fleet
Alliance of Kurak Players get the opportunity to field the Tarakians as part of their Fleet using the Alliance rules, or on their own as a Tarakian led Fleet. Cutting an imposing shadow over the enemy, it is a foolish Zenian Fleet Commander who underestimates the power of the Tarakians.

To the galactic north of the Aquan Sebrutan lies a long but relatively narrow line of star systems called the Harrison Belt by the Terrans. Mineral-rich but poor in liquid water, the Belt systems are also home to this quadrant’s most mysterious inhabitants; the Tarakians. Despite their lack of expansionist interest, Tarakian fleets have been encountered throughout known space. They have been known to mount fierce attacks on corsairs and other raiders, and many a convoy beset by raiders has had reason to thank the intervention of the ‘Watchmen of the Stars’.

Tarakian weaponry is formidable indeed, appearing to work by creating strong gravity distortions around and within their victims. At the heart of a Tarakian Patrol Fleet is huge Sanarl Class Battleship, one of the largest spaceships in the Firestorm Armada Galaxy. With four Rulak Class Cruisers and five Kurar Class Frigates this Patrol Fleet is not lacking in firepower.

Ba’Kash Patrol Fleet and Cruiser Squadron
The Ba’Kash have arrived to bolster the might of the Zenian League. Whether as part of a larger Alliance Fleet or on their own the Ba’Kash are a terrifying sight to behold for any Kurak Fleet Commander.

The Ba’Kash are a race of fearless pirates and raiders, and during the wars of Seccession they served as mercenaries for both sides during the human secession wars. But now the Ba’Kash have flocked to the banner of the Zenian League, lured by the promise of untold riches for the services they can provide – namely fighting, raiding and pillaging.

A Patrol Fleet for this race has at its heart a gigantic Karrak Class Battle Carrier, designed to strike fear in the hearts if Ba’Kash enemies whilst delivering 6 Wings of SRS. Two Destroyers flank this vessel, whilst five Frigates zip around the enemy, unleashing death to anyone foolish enough to stand before the Ba’Kash.

There is no better way to expand on a Ba’Kash Patrol Fleet than to add a Cruiser Group, expanding upon the Medium Capital Class of this aggressive race. Inside the box are components that can build three complete models, and you have the choice of the standard Hashvar Cruiser or the devastating Tanvak Heavy Cruiser – or a combination of the two designations.

Head over to the online store today to pre-order your reinforcements and take the fight to the enemy!

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