Secret Military Bases

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Secret Military Bases

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It’s not just brutal ground-pounding sci-fi military machines, mysterious Invaders from a distant world or monstrous Goliath giants that you will find in Studio Sparta. Our latest release introduces the fantastic Secret Military Island Base Set and Industrial Complex that can be used to enhance your Dystopian Wars battles! These sets are a new venture for Studio Sparta as we investigate the coming together of vac form components with highly detailed resin and pewter models. Watch out for more products after this initial limited run.

These models will be shipping from 15th October 2012. From today, you can place your advance orders in the Studio Sparta Online Store to ensure you do not miss out on these exciting new releases.

Military Island Base Set

Hidden inside the remains of a destroyed volcano is a military installation that will make any Dystopian Wars commander proud. Three lightweight vac form islands allow you to create the volcanic shape, but you don’t have to use the shape we have chosen. Sitting inside the islands are a resin and pewter military/scientific building that can house anything you want: new weapons, tesla science projects, top level commanders, scientists, Queen Victoria… or any other vital asset you want to hide away.

NOTE: The vac form islands you can see above have been dressed with additional ‘sand’ and ‘flock’ prior to being painted. The islands each average 16.5″ in length.

We have initially created 250 sets, so grab one while you can.

Above you see the array of resin and pewter drop-ons that you can use with the islands to create your secret military base. They range from the gun platforms (bottom right) to shield generators (top left) and an observation tower (top right). But let’s not forget the large military building that dominates the centre of the islands – guns and cranes, what more can you ask for!

Click here to learn more about the Military Base Island Set.

Industrial Complex

Taken from Storm of Steel!

This terrain was created for use with a scenario in the Storm of Steel Campaign Guide that recently launched for Dystopian Wars. It is designed to represent a strategic industrial complex that opposing armies can either capture or destroy. The set can be used on land or as an island Industrial Complex in your Naval games.

Click here to learn more about the Industrial Complex Island Set.

A FREE Rules PDF for these Sets will be made soon be made available on the Studio Sparta website.