Scattergun Sam

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Scattergun Sam

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“Hey, quit your worrying, Captain. I put it together myself. That’s Orlington quality you’re looking at there – lifetime reliability guaranteed.”

– Doc Orlington displaying his typical brand of reassurance when exhibiting his newest inventions

Scattergun Sam Artwork

Doctor Samuel Rutherford Orlington isn’t a soldier officially, but every outfit in the entire Federated States army would be pleased to have him fighting alongside them. Doc Orlington is one of the foremost designers and inventors working in the weapons development division of the Orlington Precision Engineering Company.

As his name suggests, Doc Orlington’s connection with the company is more than just professional – he is the great-nephew of Maxwell Orlington III, the company’s illustrious founder. Sam grew up in the pounding heart of the Orlington engineering empire, dividing his time between the great factories, foundries and marshalling yards of Pittsburgh and Detroit. His heroes were his illustrious forebears in the Orlington family, and other engineering trailblazers like the legendary Brunel in Britannia.

He went to work in the family business as soon as he was able to, receiving his education between working shifts in the mills, machine-shops and production lines – for it has long been an Orlington tradition that family members must put in hard graft on the humblest of jobs in the massive concern before they are permitted access to the privileges of their heritage.

Samuel took to heavy labour as well as the finer academic points of engineering with equal gusto. Even as a youth, he was ever inquisitive and adventurous, sneaking cast-offs from the reject bins and designing bizarre devices in his spare time. He achieved his doctorate in record time, and by the age of twenty-five had re-entered the company as a designer, with a particular knack for weaponry. He did not see active service in the Civil War, but quickly found a way to satisfy his adventurous spirit in the new Federated States and place himself in the heart of military actions in the process.

Unlike most inventors, the flamboyant, cigar-chomping Samuel isn’t merely content with designing and creating revolutionary new devices – he likes to try out them personally too! He has travelled all over North and South America in doing so, always with some new device of devastation requiring field –testing.

The flamboyant and cigar-chomping Samuel R. Orlington

In the process, he has garnered quite a reputation in the American press, as a combination of engineering genius, showman and free-spirited military adventurer – all qualities which a great many Americans heartily approve of. The doctor also carries out observations of other weapons already in service, which he then transmits back to the Orlington Company with suggestions on how to further improve them. Sometimes he takes a personal hand in such proceedings on the spot.

His nickname ‘Scattergun Sam’ comes from his personal weapons of choice – a pair of triple-barrelled snub-nosed Gatling guns, secured one to each of his forearms. Electrically driven and fed by belts from ammunition canisters carried easily on the doctor’s back, these weapons make Orlington an absolute terror to enemy infantry.

The opening of the World War has seen Scattergun Sam Orlington preparing to travel even further afield. There will always be another battle-torn region that requires his presence, and his fame – and notoriety – is destined to grow far beyond the shores of the Federated States.

Scattergun Sam leads the charge

Tactical Use
As his name and title suggest, Doctor Orlington is not a particularly skilled leader, able to manage multiple Sections simultaneously. Instead, American Commanders like to put him exactly where he wants to be – right on the front line!

When working in close support with a full Section of Federal Infantry, Doc. Orlington receives ample protection from stray shots, or adventurous assassins. In return, the close range firepower he can supply to a Section is truly punishing. Any opposing Section foolish enough to stray within Range Band 1 of Scattergun Sam and a Section of F.I.s with LMG support will not survive long enough to regret it.

Additionally, his Snub Gatlings can benefit greatly from the Clockwork Drive Game Card, when the situation requires even more firepower. His personal Game Card, Orlington Special Reserve, can bolster the Attacks of a nearby Section to negate the advantage of any cover their target is cowering in, and make his own Weapons even more potent.