Additional files for our Games


From supplementary fast-play rules to new tokens and races, here you will find all the materials you need to keep waging your battles! Use the tabs below to select your game, and then click on the download links that appear underneath.

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Armoured Clash

Armoured Clash Rulebook [PDF, 7.5MB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013

Army Lists

Covenant of Antarctica A5 Army List [PDF, 200KB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013 Empire of the Blazing Sun A5 Army List [PDF, 200KB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013 Federated States of America A5 Army List [PDF, 200KB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013 Kingdom of Britannia A5 Army List [PDF, 200KB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013 Prussian Empire A5 Army List [PDF, 200KB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013 Republique of France A5 Army List [PDF, 200KB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013 Russian Coalition A5 Army List [PDF, 200KB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013

Game Cards – designed to fit inside 94mm x 67mm wallets

Covenant of Antarctica Game Cards [PDF, 1MB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013 Covenant of Antarctica Game Card Backs [PDF, 1MB]

Empire of the Blazing Sun Game Cards [PDF, 1MB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013 Empire of the Blazing Sun Game Card Backs [PDF, 1MB]

Federated States of America Game Cards [PDF, 1MB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013 Federated States of America Game Card Backs [PDF, 1MB]

Kingdom of Britannia Game Cards [PDF, 1MB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013 Kingdom of Britannia Game Card Backs [PDF, 1MB]

Prussian Empire Game Cards [PDF, 1MB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013 Prussian Empire Game Card Backs [PDF, 1MB]

Republique of France Game Cards [PDF, 1MB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013 Republique of France Game Card Backs [PDF, 1MB]

Russian Coalition Game Cards [PDF, 1MB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013 Russian Coalition Game Card Backs [PDF, 1MB]

Model Statistics

Covenant of Antarctica Statistics [ZIP, 1.5MB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013

Empire of the Blazing Sun Statistics [ZIP, 1.5MB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013

Federated States of America Statistics [ZIP, 1.5MB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013

Kingdom of Britannia Statistics [ZIP, 1.5MB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013

Prussian Empire Statistics [ZIP, 1.5MB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013

Republique of France Statistics [ZIP, 1.5MB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013

Russian Coalition Statistics [ZIP, 1.5MB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013

Grand Coalition (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Dominion of Canada) Statistics [ZIP, 1MB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013 Imperial Bond (Prussian Scandinavian and Protectorate of Belgium) Statistics [ZIP, 500KB] – UPDATED: 16-AUG-2013



Uncharted Seas

Core Files for use with Uncharted Seas

Uncharted Seas Digital Rulebook

Thaniras Elves Statistics Bone Griffons Statistics Shroud Mages Statistics Orc Raiders Statistics The Ralgard Statistics Imperial Humans Statistics Iron Dwarves Statistics Dragon Lords Statistics Sky Pirates Statistics

Iron Dwarves Foundry Class Heavy Cruiser – UPDATED 1-AUG-13 Shroud Mages Beacon Class Heavy Cruiser – UPDATED 1-AUG-13 Orc Raiders Pyre Class Frigate

General Files for use with Uncharted Seas

Some of the following files are simply designed to aid you in not cutting up your lovely rule book to get counters or templates! Some of them are guides to the rules and will simply give you an idea of how the game plays and the rules we have employed.

Second Edition to Hardback Edition Master Rulebook Errata and Clarifications [PDF, 150KB]

Uncharted Seas MARs [PDF, 450KB]

Fortification Rules [PDF, 500KB]

Goliath [PDF, 825KB]

Kraken [PDF, 625KB]

Large and Massive Monster Critical Hit Table [PDF, 50KB]

Uncharted Seas Fleet Composition [PDF, 350KB]

Tokens and Templates [PDF, 2.3MB]


General Information

If you want to find out about the game setting, download a map of the gaming world, discover which lands your fleet/race has conquered or just want to read about your favourite fleet then check this area out.

Generic Game Background & Chronology [PDF, 1.8MB]

Uncharted Seas Game Map [JPG, 2.7MB]

Old World Game Map [PDF, 1MB]

Uncharted Seas Territory Map [JPG, 1MB]


Firestorm Armada

Firestorm Armada 2.0 Statistics Documents

The following PDF documents contain statistics for core model types and are compliant with the new Firestorm Armada 2.0 Core Rulebook. We currently have the six core races ready for you to download:

Aquan Prime [PDF, 0.5MB] UPDATED: 24-FEB-2014

Dindrenzi Federation [PDF, 0.5MB] UPDATED: 24-FEB-2014

Terran Alliance [PDF, 0.5MB] UPDATED: 24-FEB-2014

Sorylian Collective [PDF, 0.5MB] UPDATED: 24-FEB-2014

The Relthoza [PDF, 0.5MB] UPDATED: 24-FEB-2014

The Directorate [PDF, 0.5MB] UPDATED: 24-FEB-2014

Alliance of Kurak [PDF, 0.5MB]

Zenian League [PDF, 0.5MB]

Firestorm Armada 2.0 TAC Cards and Tokens

Token Sheet 1 [JPEG, 1.0MB]

Token Sheet 2 [JPEG, 1.0MB]

Template Sheet [JPEG, 1.0MB]

TAC Cards [PDF, 0.5MB]

Legacy Statistics The following documents have statistics that are compliant with the older Firestorm Armada 1.1 Rulebook. Over the coming weeks these files will be replaced with version 2.0 complaint documents:

The Kedorians [PDF, 1MB]

Ryushi – Akkarai Class Corvette [PDF, 750KB]

Ryushi – Hokita Class Cruiser [PDF, 750KB]

Alliance of Kurak [PDF, 1.0MB]

Zenian League [PDF, 1.0MB]

Hawker Industries Endeavour Class Frigate [PDF, 275KB]

Civilian Vessels [PDF, 1.0MB]

Military Installations [PDF, 1.0MB]

Space Marauder Statistics [PDF, 125KB]

Space Marauder/Pirate Rules [PDF, 150KB]


Useful Additional Documents:

Firestorm Armada Campaign Map (Wallpaper):

1600×1200 [JPG, 300KB] | 1280×1024 [JPG, 300KB] | 1024×768 [JPG, 175KB] | 800×600 [JPG, 125KB]

The Storm Zone Map (Wallpaper):

1600×1200 [JPG, 350KB] | 1280×1024 [JPG, 350KB] | 1024×768 [JPG, 225KB] | 800×600 [JPG, 150KB]


Dystopian Wars


This document is to be used to bring the v1.0 Rulebook up to date with v1.1 Rulebook:

Click here to download the Dystopian Wars v1.0 Update Booklet [PDF, 3MB]

Dystopian Wars Edition 1.1 Errata and Clarifications:

Please note that a number of the statistic corrections have already been made to the model downloads, however for completeness they are still referenced inside this document:

Dystopian Wars 1.1 Errata and Clarifications [PDF, 2.5mb] – 3-JAN-2013


What follows are a series of downloadable PDFs that will give you the model statistics needed in order to play your Dystopian Wars models using the version 1.1 rulebook, or with the 1.0 rulebook using the aforementioned Update PDF.

NOTE: Stat cards are no longer provided within model boxes or blisters.


Kingdom of Britannia List – [PDF 2.5MB]

Prussian Empire List – [PDF 2.5MB]

Federated States of America List – [PDF 2.5MB]

Empire of the Blazing Sun List – [PDF 2.5MB]


Covenant of Antarctica

Arronax Class Submersible [PDF, 200KB]

Colossus Class Small Robot [PDF, 250KB]

Fresnel Class Support Cruiser [PDF, 200KB]

Janus Class Small Walker [PDF, 250KB]

MkII Class Callimachus [PDF, 250KB]

Orpheus Class Drone Controller [PDF, 250KB]

NOTE: You will also need the Additional Tiny Flyer MAR Stat Card with the Orphues, which you can download here

Skorpios Class Heavy Bombard [PDF, 200KB]

Empire of the Blazing Sun

Bansan Class Small Walker [PDF, 200KB]

Komainu Class Garrison Tank [PDF, 200KB]

O-I ‘Miage-Nyudi’ Class Heavy Walker [PDF, 200KB]

Myubo Class Light Gyro Tank [PDF, 200KB]

Onryo Class Support Gyro [PDF, 200KB]

Ronin Class Heavy Walker [PDF, 200KB]

Ryuo Class Large Robot [PDF, 200KB]

Tetsubo Class Small Flyer [PDF, 200KB]

Federated States of America

Defiance Class Small Robot [PDF, 200KB]

Freedom Class Small Flying Robot [PDF, 200KB]

Reno Class Medium Tank [PDF, 200KB]

Tennessee Class Land Ship [PDF, 200KB]

Triumph Pattern Reno Class Command Tank [PDF, 200KB]

Federated States of America Columbia Class Land Train – [PDF, 500KB]

Kingdom of Britannia

Swift Class Corvette [PDF, 100KB]

Baronet Class Command Tank [PDF, 200KB]

Foxhound Class Light Tank [PDF, 200KB]

Lord Hood Class Battlecruiser [PDF, 200KB]

Lysander Class Land Ship [PDF, 200KB]

Merlin Class Light Interceptor [PDF, 200KB]

Steward Class Guardian Tank [PDF, 200KB]


Prussian Empire

A2-L ‘Ritter’ Class Light Tank [PDF, 200KB]

Faust Class Small Robot [PDF, 200KB]

HM-1 ‘Recke’ Class Heavy Tank [PDF, 200KB]

Jager Class Small Airship [PDF, 200KB]

Kongisberg Class Battlecruiser [PDF, 200KB]

Schildtrager Class Robot [PDF, 200KB]

Speerwurf Class Light Zeppelin [PDF, 200KB]

Republique of France

Alma Class Frigate [PDF, 200KB]

L’Arman ‘Char 1-C’ Class Medium Tank [PDF, 200KB]

Grele Class Flak Tank [PDF, 200KB]

The following two Stat Cards replace the Arbalete Class Medium Land Carrier & Additional Tiny Flyer MAR, and are to be used together:

Arbalete Class Medium Land Carrier [PDF, 200KB]

Additional Tiny Flyer Mar [PDF, 1MB] – UPDATED 28-MAR-2013


Kingdom of Britannia Box 1 Upgrades – [PDF, 750KB]

Prussian Empire Box 1 Upgrades – [PDF, 750KB]

Federated States of America Box 1 Upgrades – [PDF, 750KB]

Empire of the Blazing Sun Box 1 Upgrades – [PDF, 750KB]

Covenant of Antarctica Box 1 Upgrades – [PDF, 1.2MB]

Republique of France Box 1 Upgrades – [PDF, 750KB]

Russian Coalition Box 1 Upgrades – [PDF, 750KB]


As stated we are collating the above PDFs into single A5 booklets for you to download. Several nations are already completed and can now be downloaded:

Royal Australians & Free Australian Commonwealth [PDF, 2MB] – 27-June-2013

Chinese Federation [PDF, 2MB] – 27-June-2013

The League of Italian States [PDF, 1.5MB] – 27-June-2013

Ottoman Empire [PDF, 2MB] – 27-June-2013

Russian Coalition [PDF, 2.5MB] – 27-June-2013

Amphibious [PDF, 2.5MB] – 15-Oct-2013

East India Merchant Company [PDF, 2.5MB] – 15-Oct-2013

Merchants [PDF, 2.5MB] – 15-Oct-2013

Kingdom of Denmark [PDF, 1.0MB] – 11-Dec-2013

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth [PDF, 1.5MB] – 11-Dec-2013

The Black Wolf [PDF, 0.6MB] – 03-Feb-2014

Covenant of Antarctica [PDF, 2.0MB] – 06-Feb-2014

Republique of France [PDF, 2.0MB] – 06-Feb-2014



The following document describes the relationships between the various nations around the Dystopian Wars world. This document is currently being updated so please check back.

Dystopian Wars Alliance Nations [PDF, 1.0MB]



The following PDFs provide you with latest additions to the arsenal of Weaponry and Generators that are available to the super powers of Dystopian Wars. Over time these documents will be added to as new Campaign Books and Models are released. So please keep checking back for the Last Edited date on the document.

Alliance Rules [PDF, 0.5MB]

Infantry Combat Rules [PDF, 1.0MB]

Latest Weapons [PDF, 75KB] – UPDATED 18-DEC-2012

Generators [PDF, 100KB] – UPDATED 18-DEC-2012

Invaders Rules [PDF, 2.0MB]

Polish_Bomber_Esmerelda_Stats [380KB]



The following document contains all of the current MARs that can be found in the Dystopian Wars 1.1 Master Rulebook, Storm of Steel Campaign Guide, Hurricane Season Campaign Guide, Republique of France Fleet Guide, Covenant of Antarctica Fleet Guide and Russian Coalition Fleet Guide. The document will also be extended to include any and all MARs that are added as new Alliance models are released:

Model Assigned Rules [PDF, 150KB] – UPDATED 18-DEC-2012



4″ Circular Templates & 1.5″ Blast Template [PDF, 500KB]

Template Sheet 1 [PDF, 150KB]

Template Sheet 2 [PDF, 150KB]

Number Markers [PDF, 150KB]

Storm of Steel Tokens [PDF, 300KB]



Until the completion of the consolidated Covenant of Antarctica A5 Fleet Guide please use these updated Stat cards:

Covenant of Antarctica Galen Class Escort [PDF, 300KB]

Covenant of Antarctica Callimachus Class Time Dilation Orb [PDF, 300KB]

Covenant of Antarctica Archimedes Class Heavy Walker [PDF, 300KB]

Covenant of Antarctica Ptolemy Class Bomber Stat Card [PDF, 550KB]

Covenant of Antarctica Prometheus Class Dreadnought Stat Card [PDF, 550KB]