Ranug the Red

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Ranug the Red

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Uniting unrestrained savagery and cunning ingenuity, the Battle Fleet of Warlord Ranug the Red has proven a terrible menace to any convoys traversing the Boiling Seas. A ramshackle flotilla of ships crudely plated in jagged metal, driven by ragged sails and churning paddle wheels, the Fleet has claimed countless lives and untold bounty for the Orc Kingdom.

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Holding an intelligence that belies their bestial appearance, Ranug and his captains prowl the trade routes between the Old World and the Uncharted Seas. Once a convoy has been spied, they lay an ambush – lurking in wait ready to unfurl their sails and speed straight into their prey before they can react.

In the opening stages of battle Ranug’s second in command, the unusually tacit Captain Banok, demonstrates the worth of the mammoth Pounder Class War Tower Thunder. As the bulk of the fleet surges forward the Thunder inches on in their wake, the waterborne fortress launching boulder-sized cannon balls and rains of shot into the midst of the enemy.

Under such fire, even the most disciplined enemy will struggle to get their defences in order before the Orc assault ships hit home. First, the iron barbed rams of the Impaler Class Destroyers lunge into whichever targets have been damaged most by the Orc bombardment. Then, even as their Crews swarm aboard, axes raised and blunderbusses primed, the large Squadron of Ravager and Pillager Cruisers close. At point blank range their cannons gouge great chunks from even the largest vessels.

Whether descending in a pack on the pride of the enemy’s fleet, or slamming individually into weaker vessels, the Cruisers swiftly prove that their fearsome reputation is in no way exaggerated. Followed soon after by Ranug aboard his prized Prowler Class Battleship, the Blooded Axe, there are few ships afloat in the Uncharted Seas that would not be instantly overwhelmed by the veritable horde of barbarous Orcs carried by these battle barges.

Even if they do encounter a foe mighty enough to withstand these massed fusillades and vicious assaults, before too long the towering Thunder will reach the enemy. Spiting fire and burning oil in every direction, the implacable Thunder alongside the brutish Axe form a truly unstoppable force.

Ranug urges his Fleet into the enemy without pause or mercy. Fuelled by bloodlust and the prospect of plunder, Ranug and his crews swiftly butcher their prey in a flurry of shot and axe blades, snatching their spoils from the splintered remains.

This Battle Fleet is a full force of just under 700 points – ready to seize the riches of the Uncharted Seas by force. This Fleet contains:

1 x Prowler Class Battleship
1 x Pounder Class War Tower
4 x Impaler Class Destroyers
2 x Ravager Class Cruisers
2 x Pillager Class Assault Cruisers

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