The Cauldron of Silence

The Cauldron of Silence

A Month of Uncharted Seas

With the upcoming release of the Hardback Edition Master Rulebook and new models coming this summer, Uncharted Seas is hotting-up. To celebrate, we have initiated an entire month of Uncharted Seas activities. Our friends in the United States have been acting out some cool scenarios that we will be sharing in our blog.

This campaign, named ‘The Cauldron of Silence’, follows Chronicler Dragos Koranyi into a particularly nasty situation that will see many different factions within the Uncharted Seas battling it out for clues and attempting to track down the dastardly raiders that have pillaged their way across the Broad Blue.

There will be a series of battles that will start small and get progressively larger over the course of this month. The ultimate goal of this escalating campaign is to field fleets of 1,000 points against each other. So what you’re going to see over the next several weeks will be a succession of blog entries that will share the full event, and open it to anyone else who would enjoy a quick four battle arc campaign.

To set the scene, read the short story featuring the wandering Chronicler Dragos Koranyi. This is the guy we are going to be following, so this is the place to begin your journey.

You can learn more about what to expect over the coming month, as well as meet the guys playing out the scenarios, by reading this following blog entry.

Each week we will bring you a Battle Report that delves into the major skirmish in that week’s narrative. You can find the first Battle Report here.

The mission, with all of its special rules, winning conditions and rewards allows you to play along. The mission will follow each Battle Report. The first mission will be posted Friday 11th May.

Four factions will also get a special Captain of Renown, with background material, rules and a points cost. They can be used during your campaign or in any other game of the Uncharted Seas so long as your opponent agrees to their use. You can learn about the first Captain of Renown here.

Keep checking our blog as we will be posting content throughout the next month. Alternatively, you may use this as your The Cauldron of Silence ‘hub’ page, as here we will continue to add links to new content as it comes.

Dragos Koranyi (Part 1)
Dragos Koranyi (Part 2)
Dragos Koranyi (Part 3)
Day Unknown, Location Unknown

Admirals of the Broad Blue (Part 1)
Admirals of the Broad Blue (Part 2)
Admirals of the Broad Blue (Part 3)
Admirals of the Broad Blue (Part 4)

Captains of Renown: Garrik Arkos
Captains of Renown: Thevan Phoskis
Captains of Renown: Prince Azsraan
Captains of Renown: Dar’Vok

Battle Report: Off The Shoulder
Battle Report: Aboard the Kemosiri
Battle Report: Deep Within
Battle Report: Once More…

Mission: Red Sky in the Morning
Mission: Into The Silent Sea
Mission: Fixed and Glassy Eyes
Mission: Hurl and Crash