Uncharted Seas

Tactical Naval Combat in a High Fantasy World.

Uncharted Seas

Uncharted Seas is a quick fire game of naval combat, where awesome machines of war fight in a world of high fantasy. There is nothing frilly, or gimmicky in this world Рyou need to be prepared for deadly carnage as you battle to survive the onslaught of your enemies!

We created eight core races for you to choose from: Dragon Lords, Imperial Humans, Shroud Mages, Iron Dwarves, Bone Griffons, Orc Raiders, Thaniras Elves and the Ralgard. This was the game that quite literally built the company!!

After several successful years of selling Uncharted Seas it was retired from service. We would like to thanks all of its fans around the world for their support and we hope one day that the game can be brought back.

All the best,
Spartan Neil