The Relthoza

Relthozan culture uses warfare to accelerate and hone the intense pupation cycles of their race. Or to put it another way – the strong really do survive, and then prosper and grow. In ground combat they rely on Spire Nodal Points (launched into the surface from low-orbit) to bolster their command and control, and as masters of Cloaking technology this race deems their shadow-carapace to be one of their most important military assets. Close quarter combat plays a big part of Relthozan methodology, with units eager to use speed to close the ground between them and the enemy, punishing them with their projective Shard Cannons and of course, rending them limb from limb for good measure!

First Ground Allies – the Ba’Kash
Fierce raiders who are commonly seen fighting at the vanguard of Relthozan assaults. They are most adapted to hunting smaller targets who threaten the main force, especially any enemy flyers who stray too close. Using Sonic Weapons to paralyse enemy flyers in mid-air, the Ba’Kash will swoop in finish them off with powerful short ranged cannons.