The Directorate

The Directorate are a race motivated by one thing – Profit – prosecuting wars where they are likely to gain a competitive advantage, and none more so that when new technologies are up for grabs. The Directorate turn to plasma weaponry to weaken forces, before mercilessly using what Commanders jokingly refer to as ‘Closure Flamethrowers‘ to finish off any resistance.

Of all the forces in Planetfall, the Directorate make the most use of Air Power, citing the psychological effect of ‘death from above’ as being a valuable ‘engagement-asset. In addition to conventional arms, the Directorate are masters of cyber warfare, attacking the enemy using technological means to cause them to miscommunicate orders, foul gunnery tracking systems and even short out entire squadrons mid-battle!

Works Raptor
The Works Raptor make extensive use of elite forces who are often tasked with the more perilous activities sanctioned by the Directorate High Command. Their Recon forces are second to none, allowing a tighter synergy between air and ground forces to strike enemy positions with brutal efficiency. The Works Raptor have very clearly defined roles on the battlefield: to cripple and kill targets that are reeling under the Directorate assault – something they do with minimum effort for maximum results.