Terran Alliance

Terran Alliance
The ground forces of this great race are, to put it bluntly, the ultimate grinding army in Planetfall. Blessed with thick armour and access to powerful shielding technology, the Terrans are all about moving deliberately through the battlefield, laying down fire on forward elements of the enemy and then bringing their numbers to bear.

Terrans utilise shorter range weapon systems when compared to other races, but have the survivability to reach their objectives, coupled with the flexibility of multiple turret weapons to give them protection from all sides, to aid them in winning the day. In addition, Terran Commanders make extensive use of a wide array of weapon types ranging from corrosive Hammerstrike Missile Systems, to pinpoint G-43 Lasers and their punishing Magellan Cannons mounted on specialist vehicles designed to fulfil the roles the main battle tanks cannot.

First Ground Allies – Hawker Industries
The first Allied Race entering the grounds combat phase of the war is Hawker Industries. The function of their troops is provide a fast reaction force to Terran Commanders.

Making extensive use of rapid reconnaissance and air support, Hawker Forces will be seen most often charging ahead of the main army, taking the fight right to the enemy. As Elite troops, these well paid individuals have a fearsome reputation, fighting on in combats where most others would fear to tread.