Sorylian Collective

Sorylian Collective
Deliberate tacticians who use battlefield control and pre-determined fire patterns to pin their enemies in place while their Heavy and Light Infantry Cadres move forwards to capture critical objectives – the Sorylian Collective are masters of the Long Game.

The Sorylian Collective use a lot of Artillery to create areas of denial for their enemies, and powerful cannons to pound their enemies apart at distance. As a result they have the longest ranged weapons of all races in Planetfall. The models are a mix between slow ground pounding gun tanks and faster skiff vehicles, the latter designed to transport their infantry at high-speed into firefights where their brutish nature is needed.

First Ground Allies – the Veydreth
Hunters in the strictest sense of the word, this Allied Race is a firm favourite of Sorylian Commanders. Their engagement tactics use pinpoint weaponry to strike at the heart of their foes, bringing them to their knees with ease. The Veydreth perform a harassment and guerrilla role for the Collective, and once unleashed they are a terrifying sight to behold.