Dindrenzi Federation

Dindrenzi Federation
An elite force driven by pure survival instincts, they are considered to have the best command and control mechanism of all the main races. Brutally pragmatic, they strike hard and fast using Hit and Run tactics along with lightning fast battlefield deployment using low-orbit Skypods that contain some of the best trained infantry in the Galaxy.

Almost all their vehicles use hover-tech, allowing them to operate in any theatre of war with ease. The core of their weaponry is railgun-based and this is put to excellent use against races that utilise shield technology. Once in effective range shields lose their effect considerably against railgun slugs that have been propelled at hyper-velocity.

First Ground Allies – Rense System Navy (RSN)
The RSN bring their own form of fanatical zeal to a Dindrenzi-based force. The RSN also use a lot of robots. In fact, you could say they obsess about these engines of war, be they Battle Robots over 20ft high or Heavy Assault Robots that stand just 10ft high. RSN Commanders also rely on terrifying shock troops, driven on by extensive physical augmentation, to tear apart stubborn resistance in close assault. The RSN truly are the masters of psychological ground warfare, using Cloaking Technology and Sonic Weaponry to smash the morale of their foes before they strike.