Aquan Prime

Aquan Prime
The Aquan Prime is not best suited in a physiological sense to ground combat, but they have still built a powerful combat methodology that takes much from their living environment. The ability to think multi-laterally has caused them to engage the enemy using a multitude of means that can leave their foes reeling from the attacks.

This is achieved using powerful Beam Weapons firing through Crystal Nodes that reflect the powerful lasers off at impossible angles….even round corners! In addition to this, the Aquans use various sub-cultures to man their light craft, providing a strong Light Infantry presence and capable recon support. The Aquans are considered to be one of the elite ground forces who mix powerful Hit and Run tactics coupled with an esoteric engagement style to encircle the enemy and strike them from all sides.

First Ground Allies – the Terquai Empire
As a race who have been welcomed into the Aquan Prime, the Terquai are one of the strangest in the Firestorm Galaxy. At their core they have a ‘pioneer explorer’ mind set, but in recent decades have taken to further expanding their presence in the Galaxy by embracing archaeology and academia, sending out thousands of research ships around the Storm Zone.

The Terquai make extensive use of Drones and Aerial Power. Drone Infantry form a central theme due to their ability literally ‘beam’ units of Drones from orbital ships to a ground conflict in seconds. The secret to this staggering ‘Temporal Portal’ came from a relatively unknown desolate planet in Aquan space called Proteus Prime, named by a science team that discovered the technology, and is now the focal point of a brutal ground campaign.