The Xelocian Imperium was, by all records, an ancient interstellar power of great wealth in the distant galactic west. Originally hailing from a system in the Xeloc Nebula, the bulk of this civilisation was wiped out by a massive system-wide disaster, the cause of which has long since faded into distant memory; leaving the survivors without a home and the galactic map with the bizarre phenomenon known only as the Passaic Bar.

Since that disaster, referred to as ‘Karli Tuvaku‘ (The Scouring) in the old tongue of this race, the Xelocians have been nomads; plying the stars aboard the vessels that survived the devastation of their home system. At first these remnants assembled in ragged fleets, but these wanderers eventually coalesced in a conglomeration of vessels, centred on the last surviving Xelocian World-Ship. This massive craft, almost six Terran miles wide, was once an orbital city and manufacturing hub for the Imperium. Now it is the last chance of hope for this race, and slowly but surely, it has travelled at sub-light speeds from the Passaic Bar across known space. Known to its crew as ‘Cuali Rarn‘ (The Ship), the vessel now serves as the capital of the wandering pilgrims.

The Xelocians have embarked on a last final voyage, the ‘Beyet Garlaka‘ in their tongue; a word that defies translation into Terran standard for the sheer depth of complexity and meaning it conveys. To a Xelocian, the ‘Beyet Garlaka‘ is the sum of all their existence now, and will mark, on its completion, the reunification of the Xelocian people with the many deities of their pantheon. Whether this belief is true or not is of little importance to a people so displaced, and they have followed it single-mindedly since the ‘Karli Tuvaku‘ cast them into the stars.

The nomadic Imperium as it currently stands has oft been misunderstood by other races. The descent of Xelocian scout vessels and military ships on worlds has been seen as scavenging at best or theft at worst, whilst encounters between diplomats and Xelocian officials impressed upon aliens that the Imperium was a learned culture concerned only with the acquisition of relics and artefacts to catalogue and sell. This misunderstanding is as old as time; and far from being itinerant wanderers and tinkerers as some call them, the Xelocians are still a culturally rich and intelligent species that cherishes the traditions of its vanished home world.

Far from being cowardly ‘vultures’ only interested in eking out an existence amongst the stars, the Imperium is a very dangerous foe indeed. Convinced of the need to complete the ‘Beyet Garlaka‘, and to safeguard the World-Ship, the Xelocian leaders now have a powerful fleet at their command. These solidly built military vessels are an intimidating sight, although they pale when assembled around the World-Ship they protect. Would-be-foes have discovered, at their cost that the highly motivated crews of the Imperium’s navy are more than capable of mounting a spirited defence, and would rather die than see any of their charges harmed.

Faced with this power, the Terran Alliance invited the Xelocian Imperium to become a signatory of the Kurak Alliance; which the latter agreed to in return for significant resources to the benefit of the fleet. As the World-Ship and its naval forces leave the Tilsen System, edging closer to the Dalton System, the likelihood of the Xelocians encountering the hostile powers of the Zenian League ever increases.

For the Xelocians, their slow pace and the presence of many foes matters not. Only the destination of the ‘Beyet Garlaka‘ truly matters now… located somewhere within the Stars of Ephemus.

NOTE: In Xelocian the Imperial Navy is known as the ‘Tiri Xeloci‘, which to other races would translate closely to The Spear of Xeloc.