Firestorm Armada 2.0

Firestorm Armada 2.0

Since its introduction in 2009 Firestorm Armada has been an ever evolving starship combat game, with new models arriving, new fleets and enhancements to the core rules. Now, as the game celebrates its fourth anniversary, our team has created the most exciting series of changes to the Firestorm Galaxy, setting the scene for a most thrilling 2014 and beyond.

Having gone back to the core game engine, our designers spent time engaging with a worldwide community of gamers to find out what they wanted from the game – and they have delivered upon it.

So after collecting together this feedback what have we done with 2.0? In the new edition you can expect to see:

  • Distinct play styles across the core races
  • Greater tactical diversity, including new ‘Tactical Ability Cards’
  • Targeted Strikes to take out key systems on an enemy ship
  • Faster and deadlier rules for Carriers and their Short Range Spacecraft
  • New Fleet Building systems, presenting you with more options and tactics
  • Rules for dynamic moving Terrain
  • Smoother Boarding Assaults
  • Brand new Weapon Types to crush your enemies!

“It was very important to us to ensure that as we moved to version 2.0 of the rules we catered for the needs of our existing players. It was key to remain loyal to their gaming needs and the investment they had made in our models,” explains Chris Worth, lead designer of FA 2.0. “Gamers needed to feel like they were playing the same game, but at the same time we had to introduce all of the new concepts they wanted.”

In addition to the new 2.0 rules, a wealth of new spaceship models will also be arriving in the Storm Zone. Each of the main races will receive a new entry level ‘Patrol Fleet’ box, each crammed with stunning models loaded with exquisite detail. We have also created the first in a series of two player boxed sets. Within these boxed sets are two complete starter forces, all the rules you need to play a game of Firestorm Armada, a scenario book, exciting objective scenery, dice, tokens and plenty of exciting action packed fun.

To further reinforce the exciting information being made available to Firestorm Armada gamers around the world we have created TWO Hardback Alliance Guides that cover the races who form either the Alliance of Kurak or Zenian League. These books are crammed full of information, background material, named fleets, model renders and a plethora of stunning colour photography.

With exciting new rules and striking new models now here, there has never been a better time to enter the galaxy of Firestorm Armada!

PLEASE NOTE: A free version of the older FA rules was made available as a PDF download, and it is possible that copies of this are still able to be found on the Web. Whilst we would not tell you to not use these rules, they have now been replaced with the new much improved 2.0 game engine. As such,  our statistics (which can be downloaded for free from our web site) are designed to operate with version 2.0 and not the older version of the FA rules.