Firestorm Armada

Space Combat in a War Torn Universe

What is Firestorm Armada?
Firestorm Armada puts you in the Admiral’s chair, commanding fleets of high quality Spartan Games miniatures. At your disposal are squadrons of starships ranging from small Frigates to gigantic Dreadnoughts. No matter the fleet, these ships are ready to receive your orders today and charge into battle.

The Firestorm Hobby
Firestorm Armada is much more than just a tabletop game. It is an engaging and engrossing hobby that is also incredibly rewarding, with huge amounts to explore. From the fleets of miniatures you can collect and paint to the tactical challenges of the game itself, all wrapped up inside the rich background of an area of space we call Fathoms Reach.

Muster your Fleet
Firestorm Armada is a space combat game that pits fleets against each other on the tabletop. But which fleet will you choose? Will it be the Terrans staunchly defending their territories or the Directorate out for profit through arms deals? Perhaps it will be the Dindrenzi seeking revenge for the destruction of their home world or the Relthoza looking to expand their empire.

Firestorm Armada has many races for you to choose from; each one with its own unique style in both models and game play. You should always select your fleet based on what interests you. Do you prefer the look of a certain race? Is it their background that interests you, or do you relate to their style of game play?

Within each fleet there is a wide variety of model squadrons for you to choose from, each one specialising in a particular battlefield role. To find out more about the races of the Firestorm Galaxy, their background history and tactics, and see some example fleets for you to use as inspiration, simply follow one of the links on this site.

On December 4th 2013 we shipped the new Firestorm Armada 2.0 Hardback Rulebook, marking an exciting milestone for a game we have been expanding and developing since 2009. But the new book is just the beginning for the exciting developments in the Firestorm Galaxy.

New models and boxed sets have been created, with our first Patrol Fleet boxed sets arriving in December 2013. These mark an exciting enhancement to our product range as the all resin Patrol Fleets feature new models of all sizes, from Frigates to Battleships, and they also feature our new resin Fighter Tokens.

December 2013 also marked the arrival of our first two player boxed set. Storm Zone: The Battle for Valhalla introduces two new Terran and Dindrenzi prototype Battleships locked in a deadly conflict. Within the box are two complete starter forces, all the rules you need to play a game of Firestorm Armada, a scenario book, exciting objective scenery, dice, tokens and plenty of exciting action packed fun. Designed to appeal to both new and existing players in the Firestorm Galaxy look out for more information about the Storm Zone Boxed Set coming your way shortly.

You can download the digital copies of our Fleet Statistics for free right now. Inside them you will find all the Statistics and Fleet Construction information you will need to hit the gaming table and start gaming. With your Hardback 2.0 Rulebook and our miniatures, coupled with our comprehensive downloads nothing stands in your way. A galaxy awaits you… and your enemies will fear you. Welcome to Firestorm Armada!