Alliance Nations

In addition to the great powers that dominate the globe, a number of other nations also jockey for position and status in the global affairs. At this time of war, many have been drawn into the orbits, and thus the conflicts, of the Great Powers.

Some have entered alliances willingly, eager to be on what they see as the winning side in the global conflagration. Some have been consumed by civil wars, like Belgium; internal conflicts rapidly escalating first to proxy wars and then full-scale clashes between the great powers in their territory as both sides of those bitter conflicts appeal for aid to sympathetic foreign governments.

Others, like the Greeks and Romanians, have been forced to fight, victims of geography, economics or circumstance. Their situations have driven them to find allies outside of their borders, which has in turn drawn them into the affairs and conflicts of their greater partners.

Dominion of Canada and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Dominion of Canada and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Some of these lesser powers, such as the Italian League and the Ottoman Dominion, were more naturally enemies. But the presence of threats even greater than those they pose to each other’s fortunes, as well as powerful mutual allies who will brook no disputes between their junior partners have compelled them to band together. And so they stand side by side, despite their distaste and distrust for one another – at least for now.

Still others, especially the largest of these nations, such as the Chinese Federation and the Socialist Union of South America, manage to hold onto their neutrality. They are not quite mighty enough to be considered true great powers. Yet they still possess the size and influence to make the greater nations alternately wary of provoking them and desperate to court them. They seek to first see if anything can truly be gained by conflict for their own agendas before pledging themselves to one side or another.

Lastly, there is a further group – the opportunists and mercenaries. Times of great conflict are always occasions for professional soldiers of fortune to thrive, and the World War of the Sturginium Age is no exception. Soldiers for hire may arise from any nation but one power in particular, the Commonwealth of Free Australia, has elevated the business of fighting for pay to the status of a national industry. The nation holds no formal allegiance to any power, but its troops are available for hire to virtually any interested party – for a suitable fee, of course!

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