Armoured Clash

Now in Operation Sirocco

Opposing armies of gigantic steam powered fighting machines tear across the open country, their tracks leaving fissures in the ground below them. As they come together these great war-engines open fire, letting loose enough ordinance to level an entire town in a heartbeat.

The bloodiest, most devastating conflict in the history of mankind rages in every corner of the world. Each of the Great Powers has mobilised its Land Navy and is prepared for total war. It is time for the Armoured Clash!

Russian Coalition storm the Republique of France frontline!

Russian Coalition storm the Republique of France frontline!


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Armoured Clash is an exciting miniature wargaming system set in the Victorian super science fiction world of Dystopian Wars. The game depicts truly massive battles, pitting tens of thousands of men mounted in their colossal fighting machines against one another in an epic, fast and furious game to decide the future of civilised world.

A clash of forces!

A clash of forces!

Each Commander has at their disposal full Regiments of armoured fighting vehicles and colossal Land Ships – supported by flying machines, long range artillery and even stranger weapons from the cutting edge of 1870s super-science!

Commanders issue orders to their men entire Regiments at a time, sweeping up flanks, seizing whole towns and clearing objectives across a huge area. At such a grand scale, the emphasis of Armoured Clash is not on individual units but full formations fighting together as part of an overall battle plan, where single roll of a dice can determine the fate of hundreds of men.

On the right you can see nation flags for the major nations of Dystopian Wars. Simply click on one to find our more about that nation, and while you are there you can download Game Cards for that nation, Army Lists and Model Statistics that will allow you to immediately play this exciting game of brutal ground combat.

To celebrate the launch of Armoured Clash, here’s two new Scenarios for you to try out. The first, Flank Charge, demonstrates how manoeuvre and positioning are often far greater weapons than simple brute strength. The second, Holding Action, sees you holding the line against a force vastly superior in numbers.

You can download the Scenarios by clicking the links below. Remember that if you are using Google Chrome you will need to Right-Click the link and ‘Save As’ in order to view it: