Primed For Victory

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Primed For Victory

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The last Patrol Fleet remaining for us to introduce is the new box set for the Aquan Prime. A force of swift, bio-mechanically engineered, semi-living space craft, this Patrol Fleet is unlike any other in the galaxy.

Containing three newly sculpted hull designs for the core vessels of the Aquan Prime, along with the new resin tokens to represent the wings of fighters and bombers that the Battleship can bring to the fight, this Patrol Fleet box set is the best way to start collecting your Aquan Fleet.

Patrol Fleet

At the heart of this Patrol Fleet is a graceful but aggressive Maelstrom Class Battleship, supported by a full Squadron of four Isonade Class Cruisers and a quartet of Chimaera Class Frigates. The set also contains the components to change one of the Isonades into a Namazu Heavy Cruiser, giving you a Squadron leader with even more firepower!

In battle, the Aquans are faster and more manoeuvrable than the ships of any other race. This allows them to run circles around their cumbersome enemies, slicing precision cuts through their hulls with powerful laser weapons, whilst nimbly evading their hasty return fire. With flexible weapons systems that can fire in all directions at once or focus their energies into powerful coordinated strikes, the Aquans can dominate the battlefield, push their enemy on the back foot and bleed them dry before they can land a powerful blow.

Maelstrom Class Battleship

Maelstrom Class Battleship

Maelstrom Class Battleship

Sleek and aggressive in profile, the Maelstrom Class Battleship perfectly suits its role on the battle field. Tough carapace armour and dispersion shielding allow the vessel to brush aside lighter attacks with impunity, whilst its speed and astonishing manoeuvrability allow it to avoid heavy fire. The ability to transfer reactor power between weapons systems makes it a deadly killer. It can choose to either plunge amidst a formation of smaller craft to deal destruction in every arc before speeding to safety, or it can focus blistering energies into one system for a punishing blow against a tough target. Frontally mounted hangar bays can disperse clouds of the Aquans’ infamous Short Range Spacecraft, expertly piloted fighters and interceptors swat torpedoes and enemy SRS from the void, whilst bombers brave dangerous attack runs to finish off larger prey.

Isonade Class Cruiser

The primary weapon of the Isonade Cruisers is their unmatched speed. Whilst fragile, this large squadron moves in a unified shoal at an incredible rate, cutting past enemies, evading their firing arcs and delivering deadly precision attacks. Particularly adept at calling targeted strikes against enemy systems, they are often used to cripple and isolate dangerous enemies – blunting weapons, knocking out engines and setting up targets for the Maelstrom to annihilate.

Chimaera Class Frigates

Swift and evasive, the Chimaera Frigates are usually tasked with hunting down their opposite numbers in the enemy fleet before they can threaten the Aquan Patrol. Then, in the later stages of a battle they can turn their firepower upon targets disabled by the Isonade and the Maelstrom, quickly and efficiently cleaning up and sealing the Aquan’s victory.

Namazu Class Heavy Cruiser

The Namazu Heavy Cruiser mounts an even more formidable power core, and multiple lens arrays for more ferocious firepower. A little less subtle and elegant than the Isonade, the Namazu’s brutish strength lends serious punch to their hit and run assaults.

Interceptor Token (left) and Bomber Token (right)

The unique nature of their ships and the natural skill of Aquan helmsmen makes this Patrol Fleet a deadly force. Through finesse, cunning tactics and formidable laser fire, Aquan Admirals can pick their foe to pieces in a series of precision volleys, and emerge victorious with minimal losses.