Planetary Defence Groups

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Planetary Defence Groups

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The Firestorm Armada Planetary Defence Groups are now shipping worldwide and you can download their model statistics for FREE from the downloads section of our website.

Each of the six major races has a unique, impressively detailed Battle Station model. Every surface of these space stations is covered with deadly weaponry – be they mass driver turrets, thermal cannon batteries or hull-searing plasma projectors. Serving as an anchor point to protect the flank of your advancing fleet or a defensive bastion to blast apart any foe encroaching on your objective points, these Battle Stations are an incredible asset to a Firestorm Admiral.

Each Battle Station is also boxed with a squadron of Defence Platforms, so you can be sure you’re receiving great value with whichever boxed sets you choose!

The Bastion is a typical manifestation of Dindrenzi military technology – employing railgun weapons in a modular station built to weather the harshest of attacks, and fight fire with fire. It’s harsh, angular lines bely it’s wholly practical basis – destroying the enemy before they can fire their first shot – the enduring mantra of the Dindrenzi Navy.

This box set contains a Bastion Battle Station and a Squadron of 3 x Pilum Defence Platforms. The Pilum follows the same simple concepts as the Bastion Station and Naval ships, using standardised components and rugged construction around a single large railgun. Simple and effective, the Pilum is found in huge numbers around Dindrenzi installations and worlds – so that the horror of Dramos is never repeated.

Mass produced in the days of the old Terran Satellite Charter, the Palisade Battle Station has undergone many upgrades since the onset of the aggressive Zenian incursions into the Storm Zone. Arrayed with masses of coil drivers and atomic-powered lasers, set behind layers of powerful shields, Palisades defend critical points across Alliance space.

This box set contains a Palisade Battle Station and a Squadron of 3 x Sentinel Defence Platforms. Sentinels are hardened orbital hangers containing dozens of small craft that can lead attack runs on an approaching enemy, provide a defensive umbrella against torpedo fire or be packed with assault marines. Their versatility, ease of manufacture and robustness has led them to be deployed wherever valuable assets might be preyed upon.

There is no safe approach to a Vortex Battle Station, every angle covered by dozens of powerful laser blisters, able to form delicate but deadly lattice-works of energy wherever an enemy appears from. The flights of small attack craft that the station also houses are more than sufficient to finish off whatever manages to push forward through this blizzard of fire.

This box set contains a Vortex Battle Station and a Squadron of 4 x Cyclone Defence Platforms. The Cyclone has been purpose built to shore up the defences of Sebrutan worlds blighted by the repeated incursions of the Directorate and their nefarious associates. Of incredibly tough semi-organic construction, the Cyclone is able to bear and blunt the thrust of an attacking force, buying time for escape – or retaliation.

Sorylian military tactics have not fundamentally changed for centuries, and the current conflict of their human allies has not changed that – though the ordered and logical minds of the Sorylians have refined and updated the tools they use for those well-established protocols. The Phalanx Battle Station is one of the ultimate expressions of Sorylian Sphere defence strategies – a solid, easily defended unit with superior fire control and multiple redundancies.
For areas where a Phalanx is not justified, or to add flexible firepower to an important installation, the Aspis is available as the next defensive sphere.

This box set contains a Phalanx Battle Stations and a Squadron of 4 x Aspis Defence Platforms. Together they represent the breakwater against the Zenian League that the Sorylians have precisely engineered. Woe betide the commander that underestimates that calculation – they will find the wrath of Kerender a hard lesson indeed.

Of all the parties in the current conflict, the Directorate are the most difficult to predict, the most mercurial in nature. This is true when it comes to defence as well as offence, as the Firewall Battle Station and Neutralizer Defence Platform attest to. Difficult to locate, to track on sensors or to lock weapons onto, Directorate automata reply with cyberattacks, plasma laced with pathogens and torpedoes which smash through ships ruined defences.

This box set contains a Firewall Battle Station and a Squadron of 4 x Neutralizer Defence Platforms. Deployed separately or in tandem, they offer any Directorate Manager a choice of options in site defence or target denial. Tales of their use are few and far between, however, as incursions into Directorate space are rarely heard of again…

Few races think of assaulting a Relthoza world – and the harsh planetary conditions they favour are just one reason for that. The Weaver Battle Station and Ummidia Defence Platforms are two more. The Relthozan mastery of fold-space technology means an apparently undefended research station, or world rich in minerals, may suddenly be shared with the fearsome profile of the Weaver – bringing its nanite-laced brand of death with it.

In other systems, Ummidia Platforms sit silently, cloaked in nanotechnology and filled with immature K’ss’ark warriors, all eager to prove their worth through the glory of martial combat with alien invaders. The prize must be great for commanders to risk this fate upon their attacking forces.

This box set contains a Weaver Battle Station and a Squadron of 4 x Ummidia Defence Platforms.

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