PE Lieutenant

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PE Lieutenant

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“There is no profession more honoured than that of the Reichswehr field officer, for you are the cornerstones of His Imperial Majesty’s armies. You are the fires that temper the steel of our soldiers. You are the keys to victory.”

– Colonel-General Joachim von Baden, speech to newly-graduated officers, Brandenburg 1869

Prussian Empire Lieutenant

The officer corps of the Prussian army, unlike those of many other militaries, comes from all walks of life – a consequence of military machine supplied by conscription. Although the higher ranks are often of noble origin, a great many of the Empire’s most capable officers hail from quite humble backgrounds. The Prussians see military service as a great equalizer where a man or woman is judged on ability rather that status or nationality. Given the diversity of the Empire’s population, this is a wise outlook.

The officers of the Reichswehr are systematically and efficiently trained in a large network of academies across the empire’s many regions. Training regimes are standardised, focused on the learned works of such home-grown military luminaries as Clauswitz.

Although renowned as strategically imaginative, the Prussian military prefers to rely on efficient, utilitarian tactics, strong discipline and the application of technology to win on the front lines, rather than anything too fanciful.

Prussian infantry doctrine at the tactical level emphasises aggressive tactics, even when on the defensive – Reichswehr troops will frequently sally forth from even heavily defended positions to drive back their opponents when the opportunity to do so presents itself.

The junior officers of the Reichswehr reflect this approach. They are adept at holding their formations together as the massed infantry columns sweep forward in forced marches that often take the enemy by surprise with their speed and hammer-like strikes.

Prussian Lieutenants and Captains are also hard-fighting frontline officers, leading by example in the field – many are skilled duellists thanks to years of Mensur with fellow students in the military academies in the best traditions of the Prussian Empire.

They marshal their charges effectively at the battlefield level, ensuring that individual units operate at highest efficiency as the army collectively grinds down its opponents, securing victory through skilfully timed attacks and sheer strength of will.

The last man standing

Tactical Use:
The role of the Lieutenants in a Prussian Empire force is to accelerate the advance of the troops under their command, and boost their combat effectiveness through a combination of Command Abilities and Game Cards.

Prussian forces will often advance as a solid block, with the Lieutenant at its core to Force March any Sections which lag behind the push, and spend Command Points to use Game Cards at the right moments.

If a Section can occupy an advantageous position, the Lieutenant can order them to Focus Fire, greatly increasing the efficiency of their Ranged Attacks.

Finally, when the hammer-blow hits home, the Lieutenant can Charge in with his troops, adding an extra boost to their Melee Attacks, and picking off opposing Officers in Duels if the enemy is vulnerable.