Pacific Cyclone (3)

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Pacific Cyclone (3)

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As the storm continues to grow in strength across the Pacific, our next PDFs are now ready to be downloaded, allowing you to continue to grow your Dystopian Wars Pacific Cyclone Campaign Book.

Our previous downloads have detailed the battle plans and set the scene – but now it is time for battle to commence! Follow the exploits and fortunes of a range of characters on all sides as they set forth across seas and oceans in this new and thrilling chapter of the World War.

Pacific Cyclone

Pacific Cyclone

In Part 6 the Federated States of America put Operation Cyclone into action, clashing deep in the Pacific Ocean with the Empire of the Blazing Sun and League of Italian States, with their eyes set all the while on capturing the Island Fortresses of Hawai’i.

In Part 7 as the battle rages on around Hawai’i, the Covenant of Antarctica attempt to hold back a joint FSA-Royal Australian push on the mysterious island of Hook’s Reach.

This download includes two brand new and exciting scenarios for Dystopian Wars, each vividly depicting events from the main story: The air raid on Hilo Harbour and the Prelude to Landfall on Hook’s Reach.

Check back again soon for the next instalment in the continuing saga of the Pacific Cyclone!

Download Pacific Cyclone - Part 6

Download Pacific Cyclone - Part 7