Pacific Cyclone (2)

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Pacific Cyclone (2)

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As the storm continues to grow in strength across the Pacific, our next batch of PDFs are now ready to be downloaded, allowing you to continue to grow your Dystopian Wars Pacific Cyclone Campaign Book.

Lord Barnabas Draynes Sturgeon

Lord Barnabas Draynes Sturgeon

Our first two downloads set the scene for the titanic conflict. This time around it is time to detail the Battle Plans of each nation, and how they intended to achieve the objectives they had been set by their high command.

This includes the operations planned out by the Federated States of America and the Russian Coalition to capture valuable territory from the Empire of the Blazing Sun, and the Empire’s own plans to escalate the conflict with the Russians and draw their attentions eastward. Also detailed are the operations laid out by the Covenant of Antarctica, with orders coming straight from Lord Sturgeon himself to secure and defend the mysterious island of Hooke’s Reach that had recently appeared in the waters of the Pacific.

As we detail these high level military plans it is a good time to introduce you to the men and women whose job it is to orchestrate the events about to take place, presenting their personal histories and differing styles of command. These Generals play a huge part in shaping this corner of the world, determining through their decisions how this stage of the world war would pan out.

Finally, Part 5 outlines the forces, the Orders of Battle, each side had at their disposal and how they were dispersed, including the smaller Allied Nations that have been dragged in to the war of the major powers.

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