Pacific Cyclone (1)

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Pacific Cyclone (1)

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As the World War rages on, storm clouds gather over the Pacific Ocean and East Asia, as a whole new part of the globe is engulfed by conflict!

In the eastern Pacific, the Federated States of America has gathered a vast armada of warships and flying machines, transporting two powerful armies. Their purpose – to extend American power westwards over the new frontier of the Pacific Ocean.

The Chinese Federation

The Chinese Federation

The American mission is twofold – in the mid-Pacific, they are determined to wrest the rich prize of the Hawaiian Islands, home to one of the greatest harbours in the world, from the hands of the Empire of the Blazing Sun. But in the South Pacific, their mission is vengeance – to strike back at the Covenant of Antarctica in reprisal for the southern nation’s assault on Cuba.

Across the great ocean, the Blazing Sun is bracing itself for the American onslaught, having long known that this day would come. But their focus is not purely defensive.

Even as they transform Hawai’i into a string of fortresses, the Empress’ servants, with the assistance of the great Chinese Federation, lay plans to drive back the glowering influence of the Russian Coalition from the North Pacific. Armadas sail and armies gather as the two powers prepare to launch their offensive. Not even the ferocious winter of northern China will stop them.

Far to the south, the Covenant of Antarctica have uncovered a prize of their own – a strange new land in the southern Pacific to which they have laid claim with moral and physical strength. But the exploration of this bizarre place is fraught with struggle and fear, not to mention the tide of American steel soon to fall upon them!

League of Italian States

League of Italian States

Both sides gather willing allies to their cause. As well as the Chinese Federation, the Blazing Sun acquires the aid of some most unusual ‘guests’ at Hawai’i – an Italian League Hunter Fleet, whose commanders and crews have sailed far from home on a campaign of piracy and raiding against the enemies of the Tetrarchy of Princes.

Sheltering in Oahu, they find themselves in the path of the American onslaught, and relish the chance to pit their skills and weapons against the might of FSA arms.

Finally, the distant, divided continent of Australia finds itself swept into the war. On the orders of the Britannian government, the Dominion of Royal Australia and New Zealand gathers a powerful expeditionary fleet in support of the American drive across the Pacific.

Across the border, the Free Australians too gird themselves for conflict. A crack fleet is dispatched on a lucrative contract for the Covenant of Antarctica. Their purpose is not simply to battle, but to participate in an audacious Covenant plan for ‘information-gathering’, with the far-off Russian Coalition as the target!

These powers collide in great conflicts across the open oceans, the harsh territory of north-east Asia, the jungle-shrouded islands of the East Indies and the mysterious ‘new land’ of the far southern seas. The roar of the Pacific Cyclone will shake the world!

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