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Although the Directorate is dominated by the trio of economic hyperpowers, beneath them are many smaller corporations jostling for position within the hierarchy of the corporate state. These many companies provide goods and services to the major powers of the Directorate and to outside buyers.

Competition between these smaller firms is utterly cut-throat in almost every sense of the term. A single technological or scientific breakthrough can easily secure the fortunes of a company for decades, but the results of failure are utterly devastating. The process of asset-stripping a fallen corporation invariably involves the purging of its managerial structure by contractual termination – the Directorate’s term for summary execution.

Omni-Dynamics Systems, or OmniDyne, stands upon a knife-edge between overwhelming success and utter devastation. A failed project left the company hugely in debt to Works Raptor, but if Chief Executive Officer Asger Nerivar can achieve a corporate takeover of the Rift’s economy by supplanting the Syndicate, the company stands to enjoy unprecedented prosperity.

Like so many of the smaller entities of the Directorate, OmniDyne’s assets are based around its small but formidable space fleet. Even its manufacturing facilities are mobile, enabling the company to fulfil orders for its wares directly on-site. The corporation sells weapons to interested buyers, no questions asked, as part of its campaign to restore its fortunes. It also uses its products to bribe others into its service as mercenaries.

Like so many Directorate corporations, OmniDyne thrives on creating conflict, which will inevitably generate new markets for its lethal products. However, Nerivar and his managerial board are not fools – OmniDyne keeps all of its most effective weapons and defensive technology very firmly to itself.

With several huge factory ships at its disposal, plus a substantial escorting fleet and many other allies, OmniDyne is well-placed for its attempt to overthrow the Syndicate and establish its own corporate empire in the wild Rift.

OmniDyne – Foundry Class Dreadnought

Like many smaller corporations within the Directorate, OmniDyne Systems maintained a substantial space fleet, even before its massive fiscal losses compelled it to sell up its planet-based assets. Mobile manufacturing facilities enable OmniDyne to take their means of production directly to their distant target markets.

OmniDyne – Foundry Class Dreadnought

OmniDyne – Foundry Class Dreadnought

Although not intended to be warships, the Foundry Class is a valuable asset to any corporate fleet. As such it is very heavily armed in order to defend itself from unwelcome visitors that find their way through its formidable defensive screen.

Like most Directorate vessels, the Foundry’s main armament is mostly composed of fearsome multi-barrelled plasma projectors, fed from the searing fury of its oversized powerplant.

The Foundry’s onboard production facilities also give many advantages in battle. Specialist weaponry, such as biological weaponry and torpedoes packed with purpose-built assault cyborgs can be constructed within the vessel and deployed instantly from its weapon systems.

The vessel also houses extensive repair facilities and maintenance craft for field repairs. A Foundry accompanied by a strong escort fleet is a mighty opponent for any enemy – not least any former customers who think they can renege on their contracts with the vessel’s corporation owners!

The OmniDyne are one of the factions that will be appearing in the upcoming Marauders of the Rift Campaign Guide.

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