Oldies But Goodies

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Oldies But Goodies

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In a recent reorganisation of our warehouse we discovered some older MKI and MKII spaceship models, so if you are looking to add to a veteran leagcy fleet, or simply want to own a bit of Firestorm history, grab yourself a bargain by heading over to our Online Store!

The Directorate
Directorate Judgement Class Battleship
Directorate Vanquisher Class Cruiser
Directorate Justice Class Heavy Cruiser
Directorate Executioner Class Cruiser

The Relthoza
Relthoza Scarab Class Heavy Cruiser
Relthoza Hive Class Carrier
Relthoza Swarm Class Cruiser
Relthoza Gila MKII Class Cruiser

Aquan Prime
Aquan Prime Poseidon Class Battleship

Terran Alliance
Terran Alliance Sentinel Class Cruiser
Terran Alliance Templar Class Heavy Cruiser

Sorylian Collective
Sorylian Collective Swordbreaker Class Battleship

If you would like to own a piece of Spartan Games history, go to the online shop now to get yours! Remember, we have limited stock so when they’re gone, they really are GONE!