New Ships: You Decide!

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New Ships: You Decide!

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Owner of The Black Ocean and Spartan Vanguard veritechc is leading the Firestorm Armada Community in helping to design new ships for an upcoming Spartan Games product release.

In response to requests from the Firestorm Armada Community, Spartan Games are releasing new small models for each of the 6 major races – Dindrenzi Federation, Terran Alliance, Aquan Prime, Sorylian Collective, The Directorate and The Relthoza.

The call goes out to all of the Firestorm Armada Community. What new ships would you like to see? Any special classes, Model Assigned Rules or squadron sizes? We’re inviting you to share your ideas.

John Neptune Cornelius, CEO of biotech giant Melcon

John Neptune Cornelius, CEO of biotech giant Melcon

There is just over one week remaining for the Firestorm Armada Community to come up with any and all ideas for new small ships for each of the six major races. You can join in the discussion now by posting in the following threads:

New Major Race Upgrades: You Decide!
Overview: New Small Ship Discussion
Dindrenzi Federation: New Small Ship Discussion
Terran Alliance: New Small Ship Discussion
Aquan Prime: New Small Ship Discussion
Sorylian Collective: New Small Ship Discussion
The Directorate: New Small Ship Discussion
The Relthoza: New Small Ship Discussion

Your final submission should be sent to by Friday March 8th. The format for your submission must be as follows:

Major Race: Dindrenzi Federation, Terran Alliance, Aquan Prime, Sorylian Collective, The Directorate or The Relthoza
Ship Name: For example, Medusa Class Dreadnought
Points Cost:
Structural Stats: DR: — CR: — Mv: — HP: —
Crew Stats: CP: — AP: —
Point Defense:
Weapon Stats:
RB1 – SB/P: — F: — A: — T: —
RB2 – SB/P: — F: — A: — T: —
RB3 – SB/P: — F: — A: — T: —
RB4 – SB/P: — F: — A: — T: —
Rules/MARS: Please note that these should be kept to a minimum. Please use rules and MARs from what already exists. New rules and MARs will only be considered in special cases.
Aesthetic: Please give an idea as to what you think the model should look like.

You may make one submission per race, and all your submissions must be placed in one e-mail. Submissions that do not use the above format will not be considered. The Black Ocean will collate all submissions and send them to Spartan Games.

We are very excited to see what the Firestorm Armada Community come up with. This is a real opportunity to influence your game. Once we get the results and understand what the most popular ideas are, our design team will go away and work their magic. We will then be able to share with you renders of your creations and get the ball rolling on setting a release date.