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More on Kickstarter

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Listening to backers

Spartan Games has chosen to end its Modular Terrain Kickstarter project after feedback from customers and potential backers sent us back to the drawing board. We’ve always been firm fans of listening to customer feedback, and what became clear with our Kickstarter was that different parts of our project appealed in different ways to gamers, with our concept of generic terrain not hitting enough sweet spots.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our backers for supporting us.

So what does this mean now?

Our design team are now busily splitting off various elements of the project and extending them into less ‘generic’ ideas, and making them more ‘vertical’ in their nature. We are still firm believers in the modular idea of the terrain, so we will instead now realise the concept as a series of discrete projects that are more focussed on a genre and scale. Examples of this include our fantastic 10mm scale scenery for Firestorm Planetfall, terrain for Dystopian Wars in 1/1200th scale and our 28mm scale sci-fi terrain for Firestorm Spec Ops.

Look out for more announcements from Spartan Games over the coming months as we take our initial idea and, utilising your superb feedback, make an even better series of products.



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