More DW Alliance Updates

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More DW Alliance Updates

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On February 23rd we put up a Blog post announcing the arrival of the updated stats for the Black Wolf Company, Chinese Federation and Ottomans, histories, as well as the Dystopian Wars FAQ. Today we are continuing our schedule of updating the Alliance Nations with updated ORBATs for the Kingdom of Denmark, the League of Italian States and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

The Kingdom of Denmark is a fast and dangerous fleet, capable of sowing destruction in any enemy fleet and blocking the enemy’s ability to manoeuvre through strategic mine-laying. Alongside the updated ORBAT for the Kingdom of Denmark, we have also uploaded the background to this proud nation.

The Fleets of the League of Italian States are rapier sharp, and like any good fencing weapon, when used deftly, is absolutely perilous to any foe! Fast and sleek designs, the Italian fleet is both highly capable, and a thing of beauty. Alongside the ORBAT for the League of Italian States is a background document, The Risorgimento Deferred, which details the current climate of the fractious, political and turbulent Italian States.

The forces of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, with their array of skimming vessels and airships, are a sight to behold. Utilising incendiary weapons and terrifying flamethrowers, they are a dangerous and implacable foe. Alongside the Polish-Lithuanian ORBAT is a background document detailing the history of this ferocious nation.

In addition to the ORBATs and backgrounds for the Kingdom of Denmark, the League of Italian States and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, we have also uploaded a core background, filling in details about the world of Dystopian Wars and the terrible conflict in which the nations are now embroiled!

In response to some questions in our forums, we have also updated the FAQ.

What else are we working on?
As stated in our earlier blog, we are continuing to work on the ORBATs of our remaining Alliance Nations. Next in line is the Indian Raj, the Dominion of Canada and the Operational Assets. As well as more background material on the remaining Alliance and Core Nations… Oh, and we are very close to making a most exciting Dystopian Wars announcement!

Behind the scenes we are also working on an FAQ for the Event Card Deck, which should be completed soon.

Many of the players on the forums have been asking us about the Teutonic Order… As a part of our ongoing development of Dystopian Wars we will be going back and looking at all the armoured forces of the core and alliance nations. As a part of that cycle of development we will be spending some serious time looking at the Teutonic Order, both with an eye to updating their ORBAT and looking at how they will develop as a force into the future. They are far too brilliant, dangerous and exciting to leave alone!

We have also developed a Dystopian Wars Tournament Pack, which you will hear more about in the coming weeks, and we are currently locking down the contents of the Tournament Kit that goes alongside it.

A big thank you to all the members of our Focus Group, as well as the wonderful contributions, advice and conversations from our other forum members.

Spartan Giles.