Mission: Red Sky in the Morning

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Mission: Red Sky in the Morning

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The first Mission in The Cauldron of Silence campaign.

Mysterious reavers have struck outposts and commercial ships across a vast expanse of the Uncharted Seas. From the pattern of the attacks, the commanders in the area believe they know the general area from which the bloody raids have originated. Scouting forces have been dispatched to discover the base of these remorseless pirates. It is pure bad luck when two of these scouting forces find each other and certain bloody assumptions are made.

The Combatants
Any two fleets.

Each player will field a Fleet of 300 points, made up entirely of Small and Medium models, and MUST contain at least one Squadron of each.

Prelude to Battle
Terrain is deployed as normal on a 4′ x 4′ Game Board, with the addition of a Medium Size island in the centre.

Uncharted Heroes
Who would send a hero on a scouting mission?

Special Rules
A Chance Encounter: Before deployment, each player secretly chooses one Squadron from their OPPONENT’S Fleet. As their first deployment, each player will place that ENEMY squadron anywhere entirely within 6” of the central island. The Squadron deployed by the second player CANNOT be placed with Line of Sight to the Squadron deployed by the first. The owning player may choose the facing of each model after it is placed. Continue deployment as normal. The Squadrons CANNOT be placed in contact with Terrain, or so that a Collision would be unavoidable when the Squadron Activates.

Moving Off: If a model begins its Activation unable to move due to being in contact with a friendly or Derelict model, it may be rotated in place the minimum amount so that it can move off freely in the following Turn.

Remember: If two or more ships are involved in Boarding Actions to mutual destruction, all Derelicts involved will remain stationary until boarded by further crew.

Information is Victory: All models taken as Prizes are not removed from the Game Board as normal, but are Activated in subsequent turns by the currently owning player as long as he has allocated at least one Crew Point to remain on the ship. They do not need to maintain coherency and do not count as a Squardon for the purposes of determining Game Card Hand Size. These models move as normal, but may take no other actions. These models may move off the Game Board edge for no penalty.

Tactical Goals and Strategic Rewards

  • Take an enemy ship as a Prize to question survivors as to the whereabouts of the pirates.
    • Each model taken as a Prize is worth 1 VP.
    • Each Captured model successfully moved off the Game Board, or still owned by the end of the game, is worth a further 1 VP.
  • Stop the enemy from leaving with vital information.
    • Sink the enemy’s entire force for 4 VP.
    • If no enemy-held Prize ships escaped off the Board, gain 1 VP.

The Conclusion
The game lasts for 5 turns. Calculate the victor using Victory Points as above. The winning player receives one 2 VP token to be deployed on any ship in his fleet in the next mission. The ship must survive the battle for the VPs to be awarded.

The Field of Battle
The battle takes place on a 4′ x 4′ table with a Medium Size island in the centre. Other Terrain should be placed according to local custom.

Mission Map (on a 4ft x 4ft gaming table)

Mission Map (on a 4ft x 4ft gaming table)

A Word on Terrain
Each gaming group has its own way of placing terrain. Here we have adopted and adapted a method found on the old Spartan Games forum. Basically, we roll 1d6 for the number of terrain pieces on a 4×4 table, and 1D6+2 for 4′ x 6′. This is the Terrain Pool. We then dice off, and the winner chooses any one item from the local collection to go into the Terrain Pool.

Once the Pool is complete, we dice off again, with the winner choosing any single piece from the Pool (whether or not he placed it there), and rolling a D8 (the game DOES say you should have a D8). The piece is placed so that the CENTRE is a number of inches from the centre of the board equal to the die roll x4, along the line indicated by the top of the D8 (look at one, you’ll understand).

The player placing the piece chooses the orientation. No terrain piece may be closer than 6” from any previously placed piece or the board edge, and must be moved the minimum distance necessary to maintain that spacing.

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