Mission: Into The Silent Sea

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Mission: Into The Silent Sea

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Into the Silent Sea

Following hints and portents, the forces pursue the mysterious pirates deep into unknown waters. Larger ships have been sent for, but before they can come ahead the way must be cleared in this new region that has known neither sail nor oar before. Each captain knows that there are others who track the pirates, and with each new sighting of pursuit the legend spreads. Tales of priceless treasure and fantastical artefacts grow with each retelling, and every man, from the highest commodore to the lowliest sailor, yearns to claim the prize.

The Combatants:

Any two fleets.


Each player will field fleets of 500 points. Each fleet MUST include at least ONE Squadron of Small and ONE Squadron of Medium models, and MAY include one squadron or attachment from the Special category. No Large models are allowed in this mission.

Prelude to Battle

Terrain is deployed as normal on a 6’x4’ Game Board. A Token is placed in the very centre of the Game Board, and then two more placed along the centre line one foot away towards either short edge. Six Tokens of a different colour are then placed a foot to either side of the three original Tokens, creating a grid of nine dominating the centre of the Game Board, as shown in the Field of Battle diagram below. Deployment is 8” out from either long edge of the Game Board.

Uncharted Heroes

Each fleet may contain one Captain of Renown, deployed upon one Medium Sized model.

Special Rules:

Charting the Unknown: Each Token represents a region that needs to be charted. The first model to pass directly over (or under) a Token claims it. The Token stays with the model throughout the game. Should the model be removed from play for any reason, the Token will return to the closest empty point that had held a Token of the same colour.

Charts and Maps: A player that won the Red Sky in the Morning scenario may place a Charts and Maps Token on one of their models, representing the charts from that battle. If this model is Destroyed, the Charts and Maps Token is lost. However, if the model is successfully taken as a prize, the Charts and Maps Token may be placed on any model taking part in the Boarding Action.

Tactical Goals and Strategic Rewards:

Chart as much of the Board as possible, with the contested area in the centre being of paramount importance.

  • Each of the six Outside Tokens is worth 1 VP if held at the end of the game.
  • Each of the three Inner Tokens is worth 2 VP.
  • The Charts and Maps Token from the previous battle is worth 2 VP.

The Conclusion:

The game lasts for 5 Turns. Calculate the victor using Victory Points as above. Each player will be able to extend his Deployment Zone in game 3 by 1” per VP. The winning player may choose one squadron to deploy 6” further.

The Field of Battle:

The battle takes place on a 6’x4’ table with the grid described above placed in the centre. Other Terrain should be placed according to local custom, but no Terrain can be within 2” of any token.

Mission Map (on a 6ft x 4ft gaming table)

Mission Map (on a 6ft x 4ft gaming table)

A Word on Terrain:

Each gaming group has its own way of placing Terrain. We roll 2D6-2 for the number of Terrain pieces (re-rolling if the first roll is snake eyes); this is the Terrain Pool. We then dice off, and the winner chooses any one item from the local collection to go into the Terrain Pool.

Once the Pool is complete, we dice off again, with the winner choosing any single piece from the combined Terrain Pool, and rolling a D8 (the game DOES say you should have a D8). The piece is placed so that the CENTRE of the piece is a number of inches from the centre of the Game Board equal to the die roll x4, along the line indicated by the top of the D8 (see image below). The player placing the piece chooses the orientation. No Terrain piece may be closer than 6” from any previously placed piece, and must be moved the minimum distance necessary to maintain that spacing.

Rolling a D8 for Terrain placement

Rolling a D8 for Terrain placement