Mission: Hurl and Crash

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Mission: Hurl and Crash

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The heave and the halt and the hurl and the crash
Through skirmish and pitched battle, over the silent sea, the many factions strove to be the first to track down the savage raiders and claim their treasure.

The Combatants:
Any TWO fleets.

As an alternative, this mission can be played with FOUR fleets for a longer game. If you decide to play with FOUR fleets, it is recommended that one fleet deploys in each of the four corners. In this case, their zones would extend one foot along the short edge and two feet along the long edge, and 8” out into the Game Board.

Each player should field fleets of with a Maximum Fleet Value of 1000 points. Fleets follow all standard composition rules, except that each MUST contain TWO Large models.

Prelude to Battle
No Terrain may be placed within 8” of the centre point of the table, otherwise Terrain is deployed as normal. Deployment Zones are 3’ areas, reaching from opposite corners to the centre of the long table edges, and 8” deep. The player that chooses deployment zones places a Sky Pirate Khopesh Class Battleship within 6” of the centre of the Game Board, with any orientation. The player who loses this roll then places a squadron of TWO Sky Pirate Sabre Class Assault Airships within 6” of the centre, with any orientation.

Uncharted Heroes
Each fleet may contain one Captain of Renown, deployed upon either of their Large models, for free.

Special Rules:
The Lions at Bay. The trail has led these massive fleets to the Pirate’s base of operations within the Cauldron of Silence, and suddenly the mystery is revealed. Located in a protected caldera are three strange ships the likes of which are rarely seen on the Uncharted Seas. A Khopesh Battleship and a squadron of two Sabre Assault Airships of the Sky Pirates are preparing to take off for another raid.

Each Turn the player who won Initiative controls the Squadron of Sabre Assault Ships in all ways, as if it were part of their fleet. However, it does not count as a Squadron for the purpose of determining Game Card Hand Size, and will not fire upon the other Sky Pirate model. The player who loses Initiative (or with the lowest Initiative, if playing multiplayer), controls the Khopesh Battlehsip in the same way.

Tactical Goals and Strategic Rewards:

  1. Tracking the Prize
    • The fleet whose actions bring a Sky Pirate ship to HALF its initial  Hull Points earns half its Victory Point value (rounding down). The fleet whose actions cause a Sky Pirate ship to lose its last Hull Point or its last Crew Point claims the same amount. Mark with a Treasure Token the location where the ship was destroyed.
  2. What Treasure to Claim
    • Any vessel moving over the Treasure Token on the surface of the water claims the token. Should this vessel be Destroyed the token is lost. However, the token may be claimed by any model that initiates and wins a Boarding Action with that vessel.
    • If a Sky Pirate model is Captured in a Boarding Action, the Treasure Token is placed on one of the victorious models, in addition to the standard Prize Marker.
    • Even if both defeated in a Boarding Action, and Destroyed, a Sky Pirate model only ever supplies ONE Treasure Token.
    • A player gains a bonus of 100 Victory Points for each of these tokens he possesses at the end of the game.

The Conclusion:
The game lasts for FIVE Turns. Calculate the victor using Victory Points as normal with the additional points available as detailed above.

The Field of Battle:
The battle takes place on a 6’x4’ Game Board with the Deployment Zones shown below.

Mission Map (on a 6ft x 4ft gaming table)

Mission Map (on a 6ft x 4ft gaming table)

The Dread Pirates
Folks who do not own the Sky Pirate models may use stand-in models if they wish. One of them must be a Large Capital Class model, and the other two, Medium Capital Class models. The stats for all Sky Pirate models can be found in the Uncharted Seas Hardback Edition Rulebook.

Alternatively, simply place 3 Treasure Tokens within the 6” zone in the centre of the board to fight over.